Does Your Wife Do This?


Jun 5, 2022
Antwerpen, Belgium
We have THIS!
It wasn't that good. She called and told me she sucked his cock, his oral was just ok, he fucked her and came quick and got dressed. Sometimes I absolutely LOVE it when she gets used like that. She pretty much fucks whoever she wants so having a guy blow his load and get ready to go out for the night to find somebody else in Vegas is awesome humiliation! She humiliates me some so it's fun to see it happen to her. Still, she said she enjoyed it but it was just ok. Hey, getting laid and cumming is way better than sitting home and making captions for WWTP guys isn't it? I'll get some when she gets home though. I can't stand the taste of condoms though so I won't eat her pussy. Just roll her over and fuck her and then she'll get off with her vibe. I might give her anal but she craves that so much that I hold out on her quite often. Maybe I'll just fuck her, cum and leave her like the last guy did? Anyway, I've got a few minutes to consider it before she gets home....??

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So who else is ready to suck those titties? It gets her horny, you might get some pussy...

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I want to suck those nipples and lick to get her horny and ready for her date,i love it when i can please a sexy lady which is to hot for me,i never can please her with my clitty


Feb 6, 2023
Denver, CO, USA
So, I'm gone for work last night and this little slut sets up a date online with a 30 something guy who obviously just wants some pussy from her. That works out perfectly, she had 2 holiday parties to attend and the guy wanted to meet at 9:30 pm last night. So SHE HAS HIM MEET HER AT OUR HOUSE!! Un fucking believable!!

He hangs out and fucks her till the wee hours and then leaves her in OUR BED with a few loads of cum leaking out of her pussy...sigh

I got home tonight to THIS! She waited for me to get home to tell me she has a date with some hot, fit, muscular, hung married guy who's out here on a business trip and stayed an extra night to meet her. Seriously??

She gave me a kiss goodbye and took off for his hotel to meet at a bar, and most likely get the shit fucked out of her! She is REALLY in to this guy for some reason. Late thirties. She showed me the pics and of course, she has to have a guy like this. Hopefully there will be play pics to post tomorrow at least.

Then....she has some "Mr Olympia" type body builder who wants to meet her tomorrow afternoon! This guy is gigantic and surprisingly has a huge cock to go along with his body. She's about to cream herself over him already too.

So, that's my life for the weekend. I guess I'll sit here and work on some captions and report back when I get some info. I'll most likely be awakened in the wee hours of the morning for "cleanup" duty as she masturbates with her vibrator. So, there you go.

In this pic she just looks like some innocent lady you could see anywhere. But I NOTICE, the erect nipples (no bra of course), the tight ass and back, the thigh gap that some guy will be burying his face and cock in...oh well....stay tuned...

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Yes and Yes …After All It’s Her Body & Her Choice…I Hope When You Got Home You Cleaned Up That Little Mess He Left Behind For YOU ..She Is Obviously A Very Beautiful And Sexy Woman Who Has A Big Appetite …Congrats To The Two Of You As Your Living The Life Others Of Us Only Dream Of..🔥❤️‍🔥🔥
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