Does your wife have a price?

How much are you asking for the hour with your wife

  • 100

    Votes: 51 26.6%
  • 250

    Votes: 31 16.1%
  • 500

    Votes: 46 24.0%
  • 1000

    Votes: 28 14.6%
  • 3000

    Votes: 18 9.4%
  • 50000

    Votes: 18 9.4%

  • Total voters
When we were regularly having adventures we just paid for the room to have complete control over the situation, most times. Had at least one cop show up thinking it was a prostitution situation. Some guests kicked in, most didn't. The parameters were completely within my control, which is a big part of our thing. We were fulfilling our fantasies and finding guests who could work with that. I did sell her mouth for $20 once but didn't tell her until after, because I knew that would really turn her one. She thought she was doing it for free.

Now, at this stage of life, addressing the actual question of the thread... I would never charge by the hour for her services. If I were to charge, it would be by the day. And I would be present or nearby for all of it, because her safety continues to come first. Call it $1000 to cover expenses and a big tip for the lady. The sex would still be free. Consent rules would still apply, but it would probably get you everything you want at least twice.