Friend sleep over wife gets it

Jun 30, 2018
So out of all the times we have had fun this one is one of my favorites. As you all know I love my wife being slutty but keep it secret only like 3 friends from the same town know. One day we were having a bbq our friends came over and one friemd from out of town. Well it got late everyone left the one buddy from out of town left because he was buzzed and could not drive supposidly. Well I go to take a shower while in there I decide I'm going to take a nap see what happens. Well about an hojr after I wake up my dick was hard instantly I could hear noises coming from living room. I went to take a peek my friend had my wife bent over the sofa pulling her hair and he is absolutely pounding her slapping her ads pulling her hair back he is going balls deep you can hear his balls slapping against her she moaning loud and whimpering he pulls out and dam he huge and thick he slaps it on her ass I noticed his dick can touch his belly button and some. He telling her be quite or Luis will hear you she just laughed and told him what makes you think he not already up think he really just go to sleep without me it took few seconds but it clicked he realized what was going on and just started slamming her you mean he knows what a slut you are between her moans she told him fuck ya he literally started yelling for me Luis wake up man Luis!!! While he just laying it into my wife I pretended be asleep and walked our with a smile I see y'all been busy fuck man she good I've always wanted fuck kate he flips her over picking her hips up rubbing her and fingering her hard and fast watch this shot man he took his dick witch was big and thick up close also he'll even bigger and possitioned and in one complete thrust just shoved it into my wife as she let out some slutty ass moans you guys I'm not kidding when I say this time was like being on a porn set in the making seeing how he used her and talked to be telling me how good that puss is and tight how he going further then I ever can and how he likes the fact that she such a slut best dam time ever