Guys and gals, how often do you masturbate and what do you think about when you do it?

at lease one time a day,lately ive been thinking about my wife and i with another guy (young) spending the weekend somewhere ,where we both fuck her any time we want ,where ever we want and how we want,at times it may end up in a mfm and a dp
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I masturbate a lot. Most times after i have fucked my bitch, i get hard and horny again not long after, if she’s tired, or has had enough, i will just touch her and jerk off. I masturbate watching her fuck, i masturbate at work thinking of her getting fucked, i masturbate in the shower, i masturbate getting fucked in my ass
When ever I jerk off occasionally, it's to cuckold porn. However, of late, I was chatting to a bull on this forum who I really connected with. I could 100% see him as the guy I would like to come round and fuck my gf brains out when that time comes. I have to admit I fantasize and jerk off a lot around the idea of him coming round to take my devout Muslim gf and show her how much fun it would be to play away. I think about lots of scenarios and what he would do to her and how he would humiliate me. I even think about this during sex. It keeps me going longer.

My recent favourite fantasy: he is south asian Muslim. He comes around wearing traditional south Asian mens wear (kurta and chappal) and taking my gf wearing an abaya robe. He is the master of the house and even has a house key. She will submit to his every desire in our bed while she is dressed in the abaya or hijab while I have to watch and clean up. I have to beg him to fuck my gf while kneeling in front of his erect manhood while my gf devours it.

My gf will learn to treat me as a submissive sissy slave. Put me in chastity, only fuck me anally with a strapin and we both must serve him and do whatever he asks.
Wife masturbates several times a day - almost like maintenance. I jerk off when I can so maybe once a day. Always to the thoughts of my wife fucking one of her bulls.
matures compilation of just photos these hot ladies by themselves and I imagine them being attached and of course Im providing them bull service behind husbands back. I dont do husband in the same room. or females in general touching themselves to orgasm, I imagine I stumble onto the scene and whoa sorry to have caught you but what do you know, I have a little fellow who would love to meet YOUR little fellow on the boat. and... you know next thing you know we are doing unholy things to each other. her vaginal cavity and anus were sore she would say. and my little tinkle chafed fpr a few days. also most of the neighbor ladies who live in our development. if they only knew what I imagine doing to them. A brand new couple that moved across from us, they come from a state where they are very liberal plus the wife the night the lady got to her house she talk to us and was hot as *bleep* then she tells me she liked the lady and will even gift her some type of house warming item. She was drinking wine and tipsy and she said these kind of people I would be open to befriending and establish a friendship with. I joked and said: Wait what, a velcro rubbing type friendship ? I dont know you never know she said with a naughty look on her face. I am thinking, shit me, this could be it. shes been very vanilla for the entire 15 years we have been married. this is progress baby!
At least every other day; and usually to the following (in no particular order of preference)

  1. Pics/video of my girl (the petite redhead); either her solo stuff or recordings of her getting fucked by me and other guys
  2. Fantasy's of my girl getting fucked by other men/women. Usually involving rough sex, bdsm, and public exhibitionism
  3. Porn Stars - right now I'm on a Lilly Lou kick, plus discovered stuff by the old Teasers VOD site recently that I can't stop beating it to.
  4. Celeb girls - Anne Hathaway, Kiernan Shipka, and recent stuff from Millie Bobby Brown are locked and loaded in my spank bank right now.
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Depending on mood etc but usually stroke once a day but don't always necessarily cum.

As for what I think about it varies. Just lately it has been the cuck aspect and the thought of watching her with others.

Have also jerked to pics of coworkers, friends etc...have even "borrowed" some panties too
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I need to ejaculate at least once a day. Preferably, this would be inside my wife’s vagina. Sometimes it can be her anus. If this is not possible, then I prefer it if she masturbates me and I will be thinking about whatever dirty thing she is telling me.

Mostly, though, I masturbate by myself and most often I am thinking about my slutty mature wife taking a young black stud, often reliving the details of one of her many accounts of actually doing so.
Most days in bed next to my wife. I usually replay the most recent times I have seen her with a bull, live or I watch vid clips on the phone. Some times she talks me through it, how much she enjoyed it. Often she'll watch me cum or wank me off. Other times I'll end up fucking her, pretending to be the lover in question as she calls me by his name. That really gets me.
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