Has your wife's (possible) ex ever shocked you?

Mar 31, 2021
So we're out of town at my wife's college reunion. I've met some of her exes and they are all a certain type. This evening noticed a guy walk up and guy her. I went over and he scurried away.
She claims they never dated and she has always had zero attraction to him, but their embrace showed me they have a certain chemostry. She is still claiming they were nothing more than lab partners.

my wife is Indian with a thick, wife frame. All of her college exes are white, muscular, and tall. This guy was Korean and probably 5'6 at most. If I'm right and he is an ex, s he had a guy totally different than eve th one of her past lovers. Has anyone does been surprised when meeting a guy who did your wife?
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Mar 27, 2022
Yup. Met one of my wife's many exes at the coffee shop she worked at. He had come back into town and he had no idea she and I were together. It's a small shop and she and I were talking and flirting. This guy came in, very short and very...I hate to say it....loserish. Sloppy, think meth head but not. I didn't know who he was so I left leaving her to work. Later she told me that he was a guy she used to fuck and yes, he was actually a huge loser. He wanted to hang out with her and some other of their mutual friends since he was back in town. I said go for it! I got a call hours later saying there were no other friends and they had been hanging out watching porn. I asked if she wanted me to pick her up and she said not yet she was having fun. This was after we started seeing each other and sort of dating. Later she told me that he was a total loser, but he fucked like an insane beast! lol you never know man! I have met many of them. Some I just don't understand...
Sep 2, 2021
Most of the men my wife fucks shock me. She's very submissive and likes to be degraded. She mostly dates bad boy loser types that treat her like shit. She really gets off on it.
Apr 20, 2016
Tuxedo New York
When we were in our mid twenties my wife (nerdy Asian type) and I were out in Atlantic city
at one of the local bars on the board walk grabbing an afternoon drink to get out of the heat.
She got a little tipsy and flirty with these two bikers
I watched as they checked her out and at one point one of them took her on the dance floor cupping her ass and grinding on her.
We left back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and I told her she should be carful you never know what could happen if you tease guys like these
She giggled and said she’d love to take the three of us on.
Later that evening after dinner and a comedy show we were hitting the slot machines and those same two guys walked by and spotted us, turned out they were staying at the same hotel.
We all started chatting and made our way to get a drink.
They were very attentive to my wife and jokingly I whispered in her ear that she wanted to take on the three of us
She blushed and asked me if I wanted to
I said sure (not believing she would go through with it but excited at the thought)
She told me if I could talk them into it she’d do it
She excused herself and went to the hotel room to shower and get ready)
I explained to these guys what was going on and they both were eager.
Told them our room number and said to meet us in an hour
They showed up in sweat pants and tees
My wife and I were already showered
She was wearing a long tee and thong
I won’t get into all the details (typing with my thumb on phone) but that night she was tossed around like a fucktoy and made air tight
Never would have expected that from her