How far would you let her go.


May 17, 2021
Scotland, UK
I trust her with others and don't mind her being with other people but suppose its always been that we can cut ties if things get complicated it's harder to do that with family. Also not sure how I'm gonna feel at family gatherings knowing he's been inside my wife??
I'd be hard as a rock meeting family knowing she has been with one or more of them
Dec 23, 2021
2nd update:

Carly went over to his again yesterday whilst I was at work.

This time they didn't even make it to the room. They ended up fucking against the front door after he explained how it was dangerous to be doing things via phone incase I saw and convinced her to pose for some nude pics so he can look back which she compiled with.

We were having sex as she told me about her latest adventure and as she started to go fast called me by someone else name.... I was like who the fuck is that guy 😆 the life of having a hotwife!!
Any more news on Carly fucking your brother? Is it still happening?


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Oct 24, 2020
This is great. my wife has just stared an "affair" with her co worker. She tells me EVERYTHING although he thinks shes just cheating. She finds it sexier than just meeting someone for sex as she says


Jun 19, 2022
Any more news on Carly fucking your brother? Is it still happening?
So yeah Carly is stilling fucking him in secret 😆
Last weekend we all went out for drinks in town later in the evening my brother thought he was being sly under the table playing with her it was very obvious (and hard to pretend to be drunker than I was to pretend I didn't notice).
Carly recommended he stayed at ours the night, we all went to bed as soon as we got in about 10mins later we could hear my brother going to the bathroom, Carly gave me a big kiss, jumped out of the bed pulling the door close behind her and then I heard her say to him that I had passed out, I could hear them kissing in the hallway after about 10mins of silence I opened the door and looked down towards the spare room I could see her thong on the floor.

I went and listened by the door for a while before heading back to bed about an hr later she came back in the room woke me up demanding I like her wet pussy with his wet cum still inside her, she then went and flushed the toilet and went back to his room and stayed there for the rest of the night.

He had such a big smirk on his face in the morning.


Sep 16, 2022
If you can be very clear to your brother, it shouldnt be a problem. But you should be very clear and you should set limits. And then, go with the flow. But there is always a risk. But if everything is planned well, you can have marvelous life.
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Dec 23, 2021
After some peoples opinion, hopefully people who have been in the situation.

I've always been very happy for Carly to fuck who and play with who every she wants to but yesterday she tells me she wants to fuck my brother, I'm not sure if that's complicating things to much or if I should let her do it?
If my girl asked, I'd support her
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