Looking for male for fun with mistress

Oct 2, 2016

My gf is femdom and is looking for a male to take part in our sex lives. She is dominant women so we don't need a male to dominate her. We have used dildos and she likes a big one in a nut shell we are looking for a well hung guy to fuck her.

The guy we are after must have a 7 inch girth cock and around 7 inches long when hard.

We looking for a white male 35 years. Not fussed on hair or eye colour . Toned body.

We have made our rules which are...

You can't touch or kiss. Not to lay down on top of her. You can hold the hips and that's it. Condoms to be worn.

No humiliation of me as this will be done by my mistress.

We live in Surrey england


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May 8, 2019
57 yr old male with lifetime need for peverted Supervision of Deviant Dominaint females that will force tounge in any hole they want. Make me serve your pussie's most sick twisted needs tranform me into little boy who likes being punished for his nasty mind Plzzzzzz, I want to be your boybitch