Mature Experienced Indian Dom from London


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Apr 13, 2021
So any Genuine Person(s) can get in touch with a full profile and location.

Jay here from Enfield, London. I have been in and out of this lifestyle since 1988 with some long term relationships and a few of over 15+ years and one over 25 years. I am 60yr old, 5’8″ average built with salt & pepper hair and slightly bald on top. I Was told that I am well hung, approximately 6-7" long by 5" thick girth. If you like to get into in-depth chat, then the best place is email. reference This site and your user name. Your details which you are happy to disclose and any questions you may have for me. Any pictures you care to share and in return you will get mine.

I'm an Experienced Indian Dom Bull in Southeast UK (London)who has played with all races, White/Indian/Chinese/European etc. Couples. I love dating a wife and later taking her bareback(safe) in front of her hubby, I also love asking a hubby to help dress up a wife in her wedding dress on her anniversary and later slowly undressing and caressing her all over followed by riding her bareback in different positions.

I like 21 year and over, easy going Couples/Hotwife who are looking for some NSA fun. I like slim/medium built wives preferably under 70 years of age. Please be real and honest. Experienced enough to know too many time wasters pretending to be couples and seeking real meet with Alpha/Dom males but in reality it's guys with unaware partners, seeking jerk off chat and if a couple the partner is secretly bi-curious or Bi. So prefer to chat with couples ready to proceed to the next level. So to find a genuine true cuckold/submissive here is a rare breed. i heard all the excuses in the book when asking for proof i.e. voice chat or video on skype. For me the only way a meet will happen is by voice or video chat. If we pass this stage then the game is on, prefer ongoing longterm to one offs, but any set will be considered. Happy to chat even if not seeking a real meet but be upfront and be ready to prove who you are i.e. providing pictures of you both together and that picture does not have to be nude. If you come here as a couple be ready to provide proof.I am not here necessarily to meet, Here really to help to understand this lifestyle and where to get more information, i.e. how to approach this with your partner.

Note anyone who calls themselves cucks remember you are only a cuck if you have actually happened and experienced it. Otherwise it is just a fantasy and you are just a wannabe, so be honest.

Tip: The only way this works is for both partners to have an honest talk.Being timid or scared to raise the subject is not going to help going forward. The partner needs to know you want this and why you are ok with it. Simple as that.

I only meet very selective couples in and around London. If you're from overseas and not likely to be coming to London , then apart from providing info to help you in this lifestyle can't see the chat going forward. Looking forward to becoming friends with genuine people in this lifestyle or seeking to start and seeking advice or experience from someone like me with lots of experience. NOT IN JERK OFF CHAT OR FANTASY. .