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Feb 9, 2021
Corbeanca, Romania
Former luxury escort, professional prostitute since student, investigative journalist at two major dailies and author of ebook "DEPRAVATED - Intimate experiences, erotic adventures and confessions of a libertine wife", for now only in Romanian, Mirella Hango writes in a way that is long and well behaved in the West, quality erotic literature in which taboos are carried at the level of fantasy, being the essential spice with intense, sincere, unique, sometimes shocking and disturbing feelings, moments full of emotion and passion, funny in places, fascinating real characters and a bit of mystery, all these you will find in a collection of true stories with spicy details for adults only.

After an exhaustive introduction about herself, Mirella talks about how she was deflowered by her brother and then about her first experiences as an escort. The following two stories describe her first experiences at work where, in addition to journalism, she developed her career as a prostitute. After the second marriage and the first experiences as a hotwife, Mirella gets to know intimately her husband's best friends. Mirella's stories and confessions continue until she reaches her husband's bisexual colleagues, becoming very good girlfriends and sharing all the men with each other. Mirella highlights her tumultuous life as a perverted escort, an unfaithful and depraved wife, through other stories that will surely excite the reader to the fullest.

Christian Hango


„Finally his hand went down my abdomen and slowly, agonizingly, slipped into my soaking wet panties. I felt a few shocks as he touched and began to stroke my overly aroused clit. He slipped two fingers into my vagina as he continued to whisper in my ear how good I am and how hard he will going to fuck me.”


„I nervously unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt and touched his shaved chest. He wasn’t full of muscle but he wasn’t skinny either. I reached down and felt his hard cock standing to rip his pants. He groaned for a long time. I unhooked his slit without stopping kissing and pulled it out just as his hand made its way between my aroused labia.”


„I sat down and although I still had tears in my eyes, I put my hand on his cock, barely managing to grasp it. It was almost twice the size of my lover’s. I had never been a church door, I’d had many relationships before but I’d never seen anything like it. I took it in my mouth slowly, barely taking it in and started sucking shyly, between sobs, begging myself to cum as soon as possible.”


„Then I saw the longing look in my husband’s eyes, his nostrils flaring like a racehorse’s. Marius pushed me quite firmly onto the table and without me having a chance to say anything, he shoved his mouth hungrily into my juicy pussy. I let out an „ahhh” that I think all the neighbors heard. I was lying on the table, legs spread wide, my husband’s best friend’s tongue in my pussy quivering with pleasure.”


„Magda spread her legs and her pussy descended to the right of his erect cuck. My husband pulled down her bikini and wet her with a few deep tongues, then looking at me, slowly fuck her. I smiled conspiratorially amidst the moans and lip biting caused by Magda’s mouth and the image of my husband fucking her, transmitting the movement to my pussy, moaning loudly, uncontrollably.”


„We switched places and now my husband was on his knees in front of Adriana’s open legs, and the two of us were kissing for a long time. He moved closer to his freshly trimmed pubic hair, still stinging a little. She had tiny pussy, but with very prominent labia, sticking out wavy. Her clit was excited and waiting to be licked. He smells her! She had a faint oriental scent mixed with that of a woman eager for sex..”


„I was delirious, my body was still shaking and I was on the verge of ecstasy. I told him to take my panties and stuffed them in my mouth so dirty with him and me, I really didn’t want to be kicked out of the hotel. I screamed with pleasure almost silently, and he wasn’t going to stop. The second orgasm came immediately followed by the third. Who the hell is this George doing what he wants with me?„
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