My Experience with Competition Cuckolding

Oct 4, 2022
OK, I'll admit, I was kind of a bully in high school and was, what is now called a Bull when I was a very young man. So when I joined a special unit in the Air Force, I was kind of cocky. Newly married to a hot wife, one of my friends in my second base asked me to come to a meeting for "real men" I was all in. Long story short, A group of men, all married, or in serious relationships sign up to do stuff like work out, help each other with our careers and such. the catch was all of our women are fair game. Any one of them can hit on your wife and if she is interested, you either suck it up, or challenge him to some physical challenge. After bringing this up to my wife and convincing her, (Most women want this, but play that bs game) I got initiated. For a while a few guys would hit on her, but nothing real. Heard a few stories, some sounded intense, but that was it.

Then a guy from my workplace just started challenging me at work. This was right up my alley, since this makes for a better worker. I'll admit, the guy was a rock star, Superman good looks, smart as hell, and was a wrestler in high school. I was a football start, so, whatever. Our competition got intense and almost came to blows. There were things I was better at, but he was a challenge from hell.
Then came that day, my wife stopped by my work. He actual started hitting on her. She was giggling, when I came in the room. I asked what was that, and she said he thinks he can take you. She then told me she was looking at some of the video game on our computer and he had the high school on a lot of them. I could tell she was a little turned on. This caused a rift with him and we almost came to blows.
A few weeks later, I had to attend a class 40 minutes from the base. I was there all day and when I came home, my wife was sitting in the front yard. She had that glow, and it was a huge turn on. As I pulled up, she was doing this nose scrunch thing she does, when she has a secret. I asked what's up and she said nothing. Again, in the house, as I tell her about the class, more nose scrunching smiles. Finally, I got it out of her. The guy came over and talked for a bit, then just before he left, he grabbed her and licked on her neck, tickling her. This pissed me the F off, and I started going over to his place, but she told me he wants to come over on Friday, (It was our day off at work) and challenge me. NOTHING gives you a woody like a guy going after your girl. The other guy's wife was out of town, so hitting on her would have to wait.
Friday came and he was over at my place early. She came up as I woke up. She say, did you hear me laughing? He's funny as hell. This was only the start. As she went to work, we played video games, got my ass kicked in some of those games. Worse off, was taking an ass whooping when she came home. She saw the score and I am sure she got wet. Then the hitting on her started. Then somehow the conversation went to armpit shaving and he told her he’s a good armpit kisser. I thought that was kind of stupid, but she pulled me into the laundry room to tell me that drove her crazy. She begged me to win the challenge, because his tongue felt good and she would lose it, if he licked her armpits: She’s extremely ticklish under her arms and Its like licking her vagina. Now it was on.
Skip to the wrestling match, it was no challenge. I got wrapped up and humiliated. I knew I was beat, and just accepted the defeat. The guy who talked me into this told me this is the best part, because we all had to go through it. The loser has his hands tied to something, or has to get tied to a chair. I got the chair. My wife was so turned on she was giggling. Now I thought that the worst part was watching her get fucked. But, it was watching her laying on the bed and lift up her arms to allow him to tie her, then lick on her tits and armpits. He was clearly trying to drive her insane and he did. I guess by then, I was so aroused I was elated to see her getting fucked. Just had to sit through his sucking her toes, eat her our and tickling her by blowing zerbits on her legs.

Like I said, I was a Bull at a very young age and fucked another guys, Serbian Wife about a year after this, but this experience was the best I ever had. We are still married and she still talks about him licking on her to this day. I never hit on his wife, didn’t want to have to wrestle that fucker again.