New Here 24M Stockton CA


Jan 1, 2021
Stockton, CA
Been interested in the topic for quite a while, and now I've decided to indulge myself fully in the lifestyle- that being Swinging, specifically the Cucking aspects as a Bull. I intend to thoroughly explore the lifestyle as a whole, I'm not merely another guy using the community as a means for a quick lay. To put it bluntly, one of my deepest desires is the idea of fucking a woman while her husband watches, demonstrating the reality that he could never please and breed her they way she needs- then, with some help and encouragement from her, teaching him his real place in life, born to pleasure real men like any good sissy should. Finally breeding this sissy just as I did his wife, cementing that beta as a newly feminized slut.

So yeah, lookin forward to seeing where I end up here, can't wait to really get into the community here