Nomadic Bull wanting to explore the women of the world


Jul 16, 2022
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hello Everyone, new here and decided to introduce myself firstly. I'm a 41 year old bull. I recently got a job in which I can work remote and travel the world a while I work (has been a dream of mine). I currently live in western Canada. I have been a bull for a couple here for a couple months and I love the lifestyle. I thought that if I could make friends and help the sex lives of couples on my travels, that would be a big bonus lol.

I am half black, half Indian. 6'1" with a beard and curly hair. Average body, 6.3 inches long soft and about 6 inches in girth . Bigger hard. I enjoy being dominant in bed but also love to indulge in more intimate sex. I have a lot of stamina and experience. I just ask that boundaries of all parties are respected.

Happy cucking everyone!
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