One of Wife's Dates, with photos


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Aug 19, 2016
Hi all,
This is one of wife's dates with her lover brief story, for u who doesnt know, we r 40 m, 38 f married since 2003, together since 2000, and into cuckolding life style since 2010.
Before a couple of weeks (not sure about the date) my wife was chatting with one of her bulls, didnt see for a while he was out of town for work, during thier whatapp chat, i noticed she started getting horny, i asked, weather she is going to meet him, she immediately said yes, as usual i said ok but let him take care of u, she jumped to dress, and forwarded this part of thier chat to me,
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I got hot seeing her sexy and on the door she gave me that flying kiss, telling me to wait for the photos, and not to sleep ,because i have to clean her after she comes.
After about one and half hour she sent me these photos, which i have posted some on here on photos section, the follong photos r from her bull's place.
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All was horny, then she sent me this photo, with note saying this how real men looks like).
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I was so excited, then her mobile phone was switched off for about 3 hours, late at night she came, took my hand to bedroom, took panties down saying, clean this mess now.
Fucking hot
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