"Rules" For The Husband


Aug 13, 2017
So I've seen many references regarding husbands who aren't allowed to have sex with their wives anymore since the wives are fucking other guys who are much better in bed. I want to give you MY thoughts on this. Mr HW is manly and mostly type A, but we do have a fairly significant cuckold relationship in many ways. I DO try to humiliate him in some ways but not in a "cartoonish" fashion that you read about so often. If you've read our stories over the years you can see how I go about this. Mostly I like to have cheated with guys and then have him find out about it after everybody else knows and infront of the guys. An example would be the summer we stayed at the same hotel as the "smoke jumper" firefighters. He was on a fishing expedition in the streams of the mountains and I spent the time, day and night, fucking several of them. He never knew until the last morning when we were at breakfast before checkout and they were all down at the same time. I told him what I had done, took one of my favorites by the hand and told my husband that I needed this guy to fuck me one more time before we left. We turned around and went upstairs hand in hand while the other guys around laughed, made cat calls and left Mr HW having to charm his way out of it. He actually did pretty well in hindsight.

OK, so, my rules for Mr HW and he knows this. These are rarely deviated from but certain situations (threesomes, multiple partner encounters, etc) things can change.

1. My "Married pussy" or as he calls it when he begs for it his "wife's pussy" is NOT HIS! He NEVER gets that. He doesn't have a wife for sex. He has a wife for love and loyalty outside of sex. My pussy belongs to other men and I stay faithful to them, even a guy I haven't met yet but have a date with soon. By this I mean a "wife's pussy" I define as the pussy a faithful wife would have for a husband who would NEVER consider letting her have sex outside of the marriage. That kind of pussy would be tight after an extended period without sex and would never be loosened by significantly larger cocks. So, if I haven't had sex with a guy right before, Mr HW doesn't get to fuck me. I like to keep my pussy as tight and unused as possible for the next guy who is going to be inside of it. I don't want them to have an experience with a wife who has a sloppy or loose pussy. I try to keep it as tight as possible. I barely use vibrators inside of me for the same reason. I want other men to enjoy my pussy, my husband gets whatever is left over.

2. My husband gets some cheating, slutty, loose, swollen, cum filled, soaking wet pussy that other guys send home to him. After I've fucked other guys then I will let Mr HW fuck me under certain circumstances. The most prevalent of those is that if I've fucked one of my guys who has a HUGE cock. There is one BBC who actually makes me bleed a little and I do bring that home to Mr HW. No way I'm going to let him miss that situation. There is absolutely NO better way to prove to your husband that you are and unfaithful slut than to bring home a destroyed pussy filled with cum residue and a bit of blood. Now Mr HW is a thick 8 inches, so it takes a pretty big cock to destroy me like that. I find guys like that though and I let them have what my husband thinks should be "his" pussy before I go home and give him the sloppy leftovers. I ALWAYS make him eat my pussy before fucking me though. Sometimes when I've been filled with cum I don't want his cum inside of me interfering with other men's cum so I won't let him fuck me, I just make him eat my pussy and then I roll over and say goodnight. Other times I will let him fuck me because although it is sometimes a turn on for him, he often really doesn't like my pussy being so loose when he fucks me. He honestly quite often puts his cock inside me and basically uses his hand to jack off with his cock inside my pussy because that's the only way he gets any sensation on his cock. I love that but he complains. He HATES the taste and smell of condoms but I ALWAYS make him eat my pussy if a guy has fucked me while using a condom. Just because I know he hates it and it lets him know that another man has had his cock inside me recently and then sent me home to him.

My thoughts on letting him fuck me are these. How else will he know and remember what it is other guys are getting from his wife if he never gets to fuck me and simply becomes accustomed to jacking off all of the time. I LOVE for him to look at my body while he's fucking me and the whole time I'm telling him about the other guys who have just been fucking me and all of the things they say about me, how much they love my body and enjoy it, how thankful they are to get it, how great it feels to fuck me and normally bare. I tease him relentlessly about some guy who just came inside me after telling me how much he loves my tight pussy. Mr HW never gets that tight pussy but he does get to cum inside me. While he's cumming I tease him about how many other guys get to have that feeling all of the time and how much they enjoy fucking his wife and sending her home to him. I tease him about that being the feeling so many other guys get from his wife. He calls me a slut, etc at the same time, and he's correct. I tell him so.

With all of that said, I DID give him his wife's pussy a couple of days ago. I haven't been fucked by another guy in over two weeks and I was really needing it bad. I decided that this would be a great time to remind him of what he was missing. He came in no time flat and was happy to have it. I teased him to not get used to it, other guys were coming up this weekend.

3. My asshole is his and it requires two things from him. Licking and fucking! Well, it's not entirely his, but he can play with it when he wants because I love anal sex and most guys won't give it to me. This way he gets sex and I get the anal I crave. I do let other guys fuck me in the ass if they want to, but that rarely happens for some reason. If I cum from anal I will often let him fuck me. Our sex day is Sunday morning and I almost always have a date on Saturday night so I'm still nice and used.

4. My mouth is NEVER his! That mouth belongs to other guys out there and NOT my husband. Other guys get the oral sex from me, the passionate kissing and everything else related to it. OTHER guys get to cum in my mouth and after that I let Mr HW kiss me deep and tongue me. I love to kiss him during threesomes while I'm sucking another man's or men's cocks and kiss him in between. I will suck his cock on rare occasion but I NEVER let him cum in my mouth. He will beg me to let him cum in my mouth and talk dirty about not taking that cock out of my mouth, etc I often quit before he cums just to frustrate him. Sometimes I might finish by jacking him off as he's ready to cum. If he ever tries to pull my head down to keep his cock in my mouth then I bring him right to the edge of orgasm, making him think that this time he gets to cum in my mouth, and then I time it just right to ruing his orgasm. I won't even jack him off to complete it as he's right on the edge and one more stroke of my mouth from cumming. Sometimes it dribbles out wherever and often it stops just at the right time to prevent him from getting off. I def don't finish him then. I tell him he knows better than to think I'm going to let him cum in my mouth which is reserved for other men.

5. He NEVER gets to fuck me first in a multiple partner situation. His job is cleanup, giving oral the the other guys, and taking pics and vids. He gets to fuck me after the other guys are done. In a double penetration situation he NEVER gets my pussy, only my ass.

6. He can do whatever he wants with the other partners, including the guys or the other girls/wives. That may be a bit different from most of you but I enjoy other women getting to have fun with him. He is pretty well endowed and great in bed so it's fun knowing he has pleasured some other guy's wife more than her husband can.

So, those are the "rules". Notice there is NOTHING in those rules that gives him anything involving sex with me. He gets it from me at times, but I MAKE THE TERMS.

Tell me what you think. Too mean?? To easy by letting him have it sometimes?

Mrs Hotwife
I think you have a great set of rules! I also love how you described everything. Especially that you make him eat your pussy when a guy has fucked you with a condom. Smell and taste is such a powerful thing. There is no cum inside but if a pussy has that distinctive rubbery smell of condoms, you know it has been fucked.