SW Ohio Bull new to the site!

Apr 22, 2022
Hello all!

I’m a 30 year old Bull looking for some new friends to play with. I’ve been in the lifestyle for a few years but am new to the area and don’t have any contacts out here. Hence the profile 😁 - can’t wait to chat with some of you on here and see if we vibe!

Some more in depth stuff!
Physically - I’m 6’ and 180lbs. I lead an active lifestyle (work out 5 days of the week) and I’ve been told I have a, “Fucking perfect sized cock!” 🤣
I’m generally not dominant or aggressive, but can be rough if the moment calls. In general I’m a chill, respectful guy who loves hotwives and cuckolding! The passion and fucking are what matter to me; I like to have a good time and make sure everyone with me is having an even better time. If this sounds up your ally hit me up and we’ll see if it’s a perfect fit!


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