wife in movie theater


Jun 20, 2018
took my wife to a movie not adult theater after the movie started a guy sat next to her and after a few min she whispered he is touching my arm i said he doesnt know hes doing it just ignore it a few min went past she said hes feeling my leg now i looked he was just touching it i said just ignore it i then seen her pull her jacked up over her front like she was cold i didn't say a thing she whispered again hes touching me i looked he had his hand under her jacket like right on her belly i said what's he doing she said just touching me all over she then shut her eyes the jacket fell down a bit the guy seen me watching what he was doing he had his hand on her tit nancy had her eyes shut i just watched his pull her shirt up and feel her bra then i seen his hand down between her legs i got so hard after a few min he leaned in and whispered spread your legs a little sweety and she did it i was looking right at him he winked at me he then took her hand and put it on his lap could not see to good but seen her hand going up and down she was jerking him off she still had her eyes shut the movie lite up a bit and i could see his cock in her hand and he had his hand down in her shorts and her bra was pulled up after a bit the guy just got up and left i asked nancy are you ok she said yea he left i held her hand it had cum on it i did not say a thing
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Sep 7, 2018
Don't be shy next time spread your legs encourage him straight away as he finger fucks your pussie bend over and suck his cock if game enough straddle him letting him fuck you its possible ive done it many times
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