Wife sucking her boss bull

Jul 31, 2022
It was breakfast and Rome stopped by to pick up last night's working.

He brought 2 other black men with him. My wifes eyes cast down in shame as she undressed in front of strangers. The new men started rubbing her tits and kissing her neck.

The men pickedher up and took down her panties. They spread her legs and rubbed her pussy.

"Rome, can I fuck the white boys bitch?"

"Sure" daid Rome."White boy can't get her pregnant so come inside 8c you want "

"Rome plz don't let them Fuck me and cum in me" my wife said.

They rubbed her split and it was wet. "Oh this bitch is wet "

"Yes she likes to be treated like a whore" isaid.

The first man got behind her and held her arms behind her head and rubbed her tits. The second man spread her legs. I came over and spread her lips to reveal her hole for him. His big cock head looked like a Walnut. Hos testicles were big black low hanging waaps nest.

Rome said "have white boy suxk your balls" I bent down and stated sucking his balls while he forced his cock in my crying wife.
"Husband are you good for anything? You just suck his balls and open my.lipz god strangers"

"Does it feel good sucking on the ballsthst will breed your wife?" She said.
The other man jumped down and rubbed hisxock in my face. I starts rubbing my Cock and took him in my mouth. Within moment I could feel thick salty precum start.

He grabbed my head " use his mouth like a pussy he loves it " my wife scornfully said.

He stated fucking my face and soon he groaned.my.mouty was flooded with hot sperm. My wife ordered me tohpld the cum in my.mouthand masturbate till I came.
He pulled his cock out and I milked one last big drop fr the tip.

I bear my dick hearing my wife one twice for her rapist. "Now you've cum Honey, your cervix is open, be careful oc getting pregnant"

""Hold her legs and hips open for me white boy" I climbed up the table and open her hips and laid a pillow under neath heramd spread her legs and lips.

The man took ahold of her big heaving tits and started cumming inside her womb.

He jacked the last drops in her pussy.

Did you.like baby,do you want me to clean you up? I saidshe nodded ,I buried.y face in her cunt and started licking out ropes of cum from her inside.

Rome pushed my grass down to his groin and slapped my mouth with his cock."tell me you want me to breed your wife"
My Cock I instantly got hard.

"I'd prefer it of you didn't ut I understand you have needs"

"You don't understand your wife wants my baby,. Tell him girl "

" My husband isa dick sucking ball licking punk, I want a real man's baby, besides in this country if you're married any baby's Are automatically the husband's.

Rome Stuck his dick in .y mouth. It got hard and he shoved it in my wife. He rubbed her tits hard And pounded her cervix and womb. Soon he blew up and coated her insides in black sperm. she wrapped her legs around himto make him shoot as deeply A he could in her.

The next day my wife putme in a simple dress,wig and did my make up.

Rome brought four new men and he lwdmywife away to the bedroom for privacy. The men took down their shorts and sat on the couch. I knelt between his legs and started rubbing my cock which was hard. I sucked his cock and worshipped his big balls .
He came like a jet in my.mouth.

I sucked all four men,sach gave me 1000 pesis( 20$)

I went back to the bedroom and found Rome fucking my wife missionary.

This was NOT A SAFE DAY. MY wife was ovulating.

As he came I tried to grab Rome and stop him, I was fed up.

Rome turned and punched me in the nose hard. I fell down holding my face.

I could hear my wife moaning for his cum. He blasted her uterus with cum.

And then stood me up on the edge of the bed and forced me to suck his cock.

He came like a flood, I didn't want to suck or swallow him but he was too strong. I swallowed his cum and I was Rock hard.
They left and cried my wife said listen honey " you're a submissive, cuckold whose bi sexual"
Don't try to stop stronger men from trying to breed me. You are a pussy, you left other men cum inside me.

I cried for being such a pussy. Rome came tomorrow and bred my wife again but this time it was spoon. My wife wanted me to masturbate and suck Romes balls while he cums.
I cried as I sucked his balls. I felt the balls tighten and twist in my mouth when he came in her.
He had me suck three of black friends again.

I came during the second blowjob I was so embarrassed my wife saw me cum from sucking dick.

My wife became pregnant her 36Ds became large and swollen after a few weeks.

My wife started recommend me sucking cocks.

9 months later she had her baby. The baby was black as Rome. The doctor delivering the baby knew it wasn't mine.

After 6wwks rkmw started visiting again. They had decided they wanted another baby.

Rome started breeding my wide daily,my jobwas to hold her legs or suck his big fertile balls.

I tried to stop him from breeding her uthe slapped me, dressed me In full drag and took me to a gay club there was a Glory hole in the bathroom, I was so nervous. If wanted to stay in the home with my wife I had to do it,I had to do it.

I went to my knees and a large asian dick came through the hole. Rome said this is your punishment.

I sucked the dick till it came, another dick took it's place a Caucasian one. I suck it till he blew, a large black uncut came through.i stated cumming, I just imagined him breeding my wife with his big cock.

When I got home my wife said if I wanted to stay I needed to find a gat or bi BBC boyfriend.

Rome had a m as man named Peter.

I was intricuded while wearing drag, we went to his condo and he videoed me she sucking him off and sent it to my wife.

He putlube on his dick and bent me over and put his Dick in me.

It hurt so bad but finally he came. He kissed me deeply and rubbed me time till I came.

Peter started visiting 4 times a week. My house and my wife would watch him dick me or me blkw him.

Rome was still trying to get her pregnant again.

After 3 . months she was knocked up again.
It had started having feelings for f peter.

E everyone was happy. Peter and My wife decided I neexa chastity belt. I shouldn't be masturbating unless I'm sucking cock.

My wife wants to stay married to me but have her Bulls
I've been sucking Romes balls while he rails my wife's cunt.
They tighten an blow inside her Fertile womb..

I look back at how this started, if I would have been stronger this wouldn't have happened.

Now. I suck and swallow men's sperm and open my wifes legs and lips for strangers.

Rome comes by when she is working sometimes just for a blowjob.

In the we mornings my wife spreads for g ok m and gets a blast in her womb.


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