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    Listening to girlfriend getting fucked over phone

    Great stuff - I was involved in a group session once where one of the women phoned her boyfriend. Always wondered how it must have been for him! Super hot story, keep up the good work
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    Becky's dogging experiences

    So far so good :-)
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    Gangbang blues

    Awesome story - thanks for that !
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    Share your first threesum\group sex story

    At this point I needed to clear away the shaving gear, which meant going back up into the house and leaving them together. The thought left me quivering all over (and nursing a painfully trapped erection); as I went about putting things away and rinsing the bowl, I hardly dared imagine what...
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    Share your first threesum\group sex story

    Ok... part two... Well, at that moment my heart started pounding. I still had no idea how far this was going to go but it was now certain that our friend was about to not only see my wife's pussy but was also very likely to witness her getting extremely turned on! I dutifully fetched the usual...
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    Share your first threesum\group sex story

    Any inteterest in the next part?
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    Share your first threesum\group sex story

    My previous wife revealed her bisexuality to me very early (another story..!) and so we had a 'semi-open' relationship pretty much from the start. She was free to hook up with women anytime she wanted and at the same time encouraged me to explore my bi-curiosity. So the first time of sharing her...
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    Becky.....what next (a poll)

    I would love to see all of that list eventually :-) I'd also like to see you skipolling two guys while they suck on your nipples.
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    My lips in action

    I'd love to help feed that into my wife
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    Meeting our first guy tonight!!

    And...? We wait with bated breath...
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    I have a foot in both camps - I love watching, participating and waiting as well. The thing about not being present is imagining what's happening, then afterwards asking questions and having things described. Also hunting over her body for tell tale marks, smells and sticky patches ;-)
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    My first experience (with my previous wife) started with her asking me to shave her while her boyfriend watched. The rest of that story can be told later...
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    Cuckold history

    Always interested...
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    I hope so too. We're already off to a good start, thanks!

    I hope so too. We're already off to a good start, thanks!
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    Becky...posing for a photographer friend

    Indeed. I would be thrilled to get a text like that. Would be nursing a hard on the whole time I waited for her to get back...