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    have you done this?

    Yes, serval times. Either during hotwife/bull & cuckold play or during bi mmf play.
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    Comment by 'm.timms' in media 'IMG_0748.jpg'

    Thank you for the compliment, Sir!
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    Do you allow your wife/girlfriend to go out on her own without wearing panties under her short dress/skirt???? I sure as hell love doing it.

    I completely agree! I LOVE getting her ready for her dates. There have only been 3 dates so far. :) But more to cum for sure. Last one I got her ready and when I was shaving her pussy...she started to talk about what a great fuck her bull is and what he did to her. I almost came in my shorts!! LOL
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    Pegging your cuck?

    My wife pegs me. We both love it.
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    I cheated today

    Once you explain to him that you're now in charge and this is how things are going to would be considered will just cucks new job to clean ;)
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    Eating bull creampie is there any side effects?

    I think the best is eating her bulls load from her freshly fucked pussy. And as most have said, it is addicking. ;) lol
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    Any cucks been fucked by wife's bull?

    Yes, a few times now. About 2 weeks ago we had her main bull, Sean, over for drinks and play. He made sure all our holes were used for his needs & wants.
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    Hotwife Lynda

    Very sexy! I would love for my wife to send me a pic like this!
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    Unless the hotwife removes the condom and tells the bull to cum in her! Then… Sploosh!! mind blown and all loads blown!
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    Hello all...

    This is hotwife "B". Mature, hot, and submissive :devilish::love:
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