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    How Do I Tell my Wife I Want Her to Fuck Other Men

    Have to comment on this from personal experience, married for almost 20 years and brought this up casually a couple of times in the last 5 years. My wife is very well endowed and I mentioned how often I noticed guys checking her out, after a bit of vague conversation about it all I mentioned it...
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    Possible Hot Wife

    long story but in effect brakes have been applied until a point where shes absolutley positively certain she wants to do this, had a four month break from even discussing it but within the last week she brought it up in a casual non specific way a couple of times..slowly slowly at the moment but...
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    Not sure what GF wants

    There are so many posts related to uncertainty,and Im guessing that this is because its part of this lifestyle, its a big change from what society considers acceptable behaviour in women and in men for that matter. My advice is talk this to death (subtly first) and assess things as they...
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    Can't believe this is going to happen

    Incredible story and give me hope in our journey to finally getting there!
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    Possible Hot Wife

    Slowly coming around to becoming a Hot Wife and I cant wait :-)