Possible Hot Wife

What would you do to her?

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Aug 17, 2016
South East UK
What are you waiting for?
long story but in effect brakes have been applied until a point where shes absolutley positively certain she wants to do this, had a four month break from even discussing it but within the last week she brought it up in a casual non specific way a couple of times..slowly slowly at the moment but she loves feeling desired by other guys it gives her a confidence boost and I get off on seeing her reaction to feedback.
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Aug 2, 2016
Northeast Pa, USA
Lovely girl! She deserves to be happy. Just be a good wing man. I'm sure she knows exactly how to get laid. Where are you located?
BTW- I think you made a mistake. You didn't leave an option for tittie fucking her. How could you forget that?
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