1. F

    Bull Older Brother Shows Her Who's The Alpha Male: Getting Cuckolded and Losing Girlfriend to Older Brother Part 1

    The Fantasy Scenario(s) move as follows: I was 16. My older brother was 18. I was an unpopular, unconfident, scrawny Sophomore who's lack of sexual success, charisma, and ability to get laid is the laughing stock of Lockwood High. My brother was a senior living the life. He was tall, very...
  2. F

    Alpha Friend Strikes Again: Trip to Venice, Italy

    To this day, I've only been cuckolded by JT three times: the first time my Freshman year of college as I mentioned in the first thread I wrote, the second time when some people from my College accompanied the football team an international trip to Venice Italy, and a third time more recently...
  3. PB Rider

    Moving Day Threesome (mfm, mild humiliation)

    This story is free on Amazon for a few days as it gets ready to move on to Smashwords Check out the sample on my blog and head to Amazon to get the rest for $0 if you enjoy it
  4. Alphakid_91

    Younger bull in Hudson Valley, NY

    Give me a shout if you're looking for a Bull/Alpha in the Hudson Valley or NYC area. My description is in my profile. Just giving you a heads up: I have no care for the cuck's feelings and they are not involved directly (I do like to send pics and taunt).