1. A

    American Bull wintering in Puglia region, Italy

    Older, upscale American Alpha gentleman in Lecce, Italy all of Dec 2023. Well traveled and well read; tanned, fit and easy on the eyes. High libido, high stamina, experienced and creative, with a weakness for other men's wives. High sexual IQ, excellent company indoors and out. Hung like a fine...
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  4. inchargeind3

    Dominant Sensual Bull Indiana, Ohio, KY, Nashville

    Are you a naturally submissive woman that has been looking for a dominant male? Have you not been able to find your firm forever dom? About me: 40 yrs old 6’3 250 lbs 7” BWC I am fixed Experienced in plain ole vanilla, BDSM, Dom/sub, and Master/Slave relationship My promises to you...
  5. A

    Ireland west Alpha gentleman

    Gentleman Alpha Bull, older, accomplished, upscale, seeking Hotwife/cuckold or Vixen/stag couples for chemistry, connection, passion and play. Me? Former Silicon Valley CEO now retired to Co Mayo, Ireland. Well read and well traveled, generally well-behaved but no guarantees... Married but not...
  6. C

    Am I making a mistake... again?

    Am I making a mistake again by allowing my wife to play with another man? Back in 2016 to 2019 we played on and off with five guys throughout those years and all those times I broke it off because of my guilt and shame. Quick backstory my wife did it for me and at though there was times she...
  7. F

    Bull Older Brother Shows Her Who's The Alpha Male: Getting Cuckolded and Losing Girlfriend to Older Brother Part 1

    This is my novelized retelling one of the first times I got cuckolded as a teenager by my asshole older brother. I was 16. My older brother was 18. I was an unpopular, unconfident, scrawny Sophomore who's lack of sexual success, charisma, and ability to get laid is the laughing stock of...
  8. F

    Alpha Friend Strikes Again: Trip to Venice, Italy

    To this day, I've only been cuckolded by JT three times: the first time my Freshman year of college as I mentioned in the first thread I wrote, the second time when some people from my College accompanied the football team an international trip to Venice Italy, and a third time more recently...
  9. PB Rider

    Moving Day Threesome (mfm, mild humiliation)

    This story is free on Amazon for a few days as it gets ready to move on to Smashwords Check out the sample on my blog and head to Amazon to get the rest for $0 if you enjoy it
  10. Alphakid_91

    Younger bull in Hudson Valley, NY

    Give me a shout if you're looking for a Bull/Alpha in the Hudson Valley or NYC area. My description is in my profile. Just giving you a heads up: I have no care for the cuck's feelings and they are not involved directly (I do like to send pics and taunt).