Bull Older Brother Shows Her Who's The Alpha Male: Getting Cuckolded and Losing Girlfriend to Older Brother Part 1

Mar 27, 2021
San Diego, California
This is my novelized retelling one of the first times I got cuckolded as a teenager by my asshole older brother.

I was 16. My older brother was 18. I was an unpopular, unconfident, scrawny Sophomore who's lack of sexual success, charisma, and ability to get laid is the laughing stock of Lockwood High.

My brother was a senior living the life. He was tall, very muscular, had good looks with a chiseled jawline, electric blue eyes, and a head of luscious blonde hair that the ladies all LOVED.
I was perpetually nervous, unsure of myself and by extension always jealous of JT, my asshole older brother who always was able to get the girls I wanted, the attention I was seeking without embarrassing himself like I did, the athletic scholarships, etc. (A PICTURE OF APPROXIMATELY WHAT I LOOK LIKE BELOW)
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Going into High School, I had no idea that my high school experience was going to be going through what my brother did to me for the next four years.

Back in High School, my big jock older brother JT used to steal my girlfriends, wedgie me in front of them by which he carried me to a bathroom stall, bend me over, swirly me in a toilet bowl while he made out with her. (PICTURE OF ELAINA LACROIX BELOW - SHE WAS A JUNIOR)
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After school, he would take my sexy cheerleader ex-girlfriend, drive the three of us back to the house which our father was paying for long distance, my older brother being the man of the house over me - the thought of which made my girlfriend SO hot.
ra (4).jpgra (6).jpg
JT would authoritatively command me to go get some beers from the fridge,

“Go get some beers from the fridge, bitch!...and they better not be warm or it’s comin’ down on those nuts!”
He would then look at my ex girlfriend and ask her with a penetrative stare,
“You know I own those nuts, right? This is my house... I mean he gets his privileges but this is my house!”

EXPLANATION NOTE: That was his thing - to bang up and bruise my balls with a belt or a paddle because it literally and symbolic represented my manhood. It was the center of my sexual existence and sentience along with it being the most tender part of that area. He, along with the girls I liked (and often dated), got off to the idea of my cuckolded balls being "primed" for the experience of utter embarrassment and humiliation. Therefore, the testicles of the cuckolded little brother (or humiliated boyfriend as my girlfriends always thought of it) should be experiencing pain in the sac as my older and more successful brother, by contrast, experienced a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in that area.

What I really hated was that it came to that every time. It was a sure fire sealed sign of solidified fate and conclusion: I had officially lost the girl at that point and was therefore compelled by the natural dynamic of the Alpha Male dominating the Beta Male into submission, to sit there and take it.

The girl always knew that's what it was about too. Maybe not on a conscious level but deep down in their biology...Also, I really annoyed my girlfriends by habit and personality so they also wanted to see me take a couple of good shots to my balls - where both her and JT knew it hurt the most.

So here we were. The girl I loved, the woman who made me so hot and horny was being swept away by my asshole older brother because he would bend me over in submission, take off his heavy black leather belt, which made her start touching herself, and make that whip cracking noise by pulling the two folded ends of the belt apart.
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I was bent over his lap like a small child. He then proceeded to whoop my balls - and he gave my balls a whoopin' and a half. Elaina started to strip while he was doing it so I would have to watch her smooth, sexy, tan body slip out of her clothes and see what my older brother was about to get, what he had stolen from me while my balls were being shacked with humiliating pain and cuckold status.
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Then after a few moments of - WHACK!!! (Him) SCREAM!!! (Me) WHACK!!! (Him) SCREAM!!! (Me) WHACK!!! (Him) SCREAM!!! (Me)

My older brother JT then stood up and took off his pants

She gasped with utter shock and exhilaration at how massive and long his Alpha Male cock was. She then made this face and commented:
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"Now that's....a...BIG....cock..." She quickly turned her head to me while still facing her body toward my brother, and with a domineering and cold look of contempt toward me, she said, "Sorry Brody, you're not getting any of this today..." She turned back to look at my brother who was standing proud and shirtless. She would rub her hands on his big bulbous pecs as she continued, "I only sleep with dominant men...and as your jock captain of the football team bigger brother has proven, JT is the dominant one. He's gonna put you in your place....and he's gonna fuck me!" I winced and whimpered being the bitch.
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JT had his phone linked via Bluetooth to the surround sound speakers. So in order to further amplify what was going to be an unbearably torturous and humiliating event for me but an extremely hot and erotic event for them, he then played "Pour Some Sugar On Me" By Def Leppard.

Then........... had to watch the girl I had wet dreams over for the last 7 months, grab my brother as he groped her while they made out. When I should have been losing my virginity to a girl I met fair and square, my brother used me to get the best sex of his high school career by fucking his little brother’s girlfriend and taping for everyone at school to see.

I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. His bigger shinier muscled cock would slide in and out of her vagina as they both exclaimed with laughter and pleasure. I was down on all fours while they got busy on the couch.
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We’re actually doing this!” Elaina would say as her big round boobs bounced under my brother.

JT, looking me dead in the eye while still talking to my girlfriend, then said,

“He don’t like what he’s seein’....nah he’s got cuckold’s balls!”
1076 (1).jpg
“Yeah he does…” My girlfriend said looking at me taking amusement and pleasure in my emasculation.

“That’s right boyuh, keep watchin’!” My big brother JT said humiliating me.
1038 (10).jpg
“My balls...are so...humiliated…” I said weeping with a mopping voice.

Hell Yeah boyuh!, and they go’n stay that way!!!”



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Mar 27, 2021
San Diego, California
Got any videos
I'm finishing the post right now. It's basically about how my older brother and I stumbled into my ex from high school, Elaina, who was the first girl he cuckolded me with. A couple of rooftop pool parties in Los Angeles and bam after like 9 years or so there she is again, fit as fuck and still gorgeous. Except I ACTUALLY GOT FUCKING VIDS AND PICS THIS TIME!!!


May 19, 2023
I'm finishing the post right now. It's basically about how my older brother and I stumbled into my ex from high school, Elaina, who was the first girl he cuckolded me with. A couple of rooftop pool parties in Los Angeles and bam after like 9 years or so there she is again, fit as fuck and still gorgeous. Except I ACTUALLY GOT FUCKING VIDS AND PICS THIS TIME!!!
Are u sharing the videos