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    Forced to masturbate for a neighbor
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    Forced to expose myself to a neighbor
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    Forced to expose myself to a neighbor
  4. K

    please help me

    Anyone into online degradation? Looking for someone to help me degrade/humilate my cuck into a perfect sissy. Lets all give nasty suggestions. one codition i have s - no face . lets do this! he needs to be put in his place (slutwife here )
  5. ragnarok2

    Young Hung Fit Bull Seeking Adventurous Couple in TX, IL or NY (surrounding areas too)

    I spend a lot of time in these states (but TX is technically home) and it would be nice to find a couple I can regularly meet up with for "extracurricular activities" ; ) Back of my baseball card: 6'2 204 lbs 23 years old Playing with big cut 9 inch bat Special skills: humiliating the cuck...
  6. F

    Bull Older Brother Shows Her Who's The Alpha Male: Getting Cuckolded and Losing Girlfriend to Older Brother Part 1

    The Fantasy Scenario(s) move as follows: I was 16. My older brother was 18. I was an unpopular, unconfident, scrawny Sophomore who's lack of sexual success, charisma, and ability to get laid is the laughing stock of Lockwood High. My brother was a senior living the life. He was tall, very...
  7. Janderson32151

    Question for Wifes

    Hi I’m Ashley and I’m curious if there are any women here that cage their husbands but submit totally to their bulls? Do you enjoy receiving pain and/or humiliation from them? What’s the most extreme things they’ve done to you that you’ve enjoyed? Didn’t enjoy?
  8. B

    How do your wife's bulls react to your cage?

    What is the bull's reaction when he sees that you are wearing a chastity belt?
  9. C


  10. F

    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me

    The Story of How My Best Friend Humiliated Me in Front of the Girl of My Dreams and Made Me Watch Them Have Passionate Sex JT and I had been friends since the 4th Grade. Now we're adults with careers and have graduated from college. I have straight, combed-over brown hair, greenish-grey eyes...
  11. M

    My girlfriend wants to squirt while the bull insults my baby dick

    Caught my GF fucking the hell out of herself to some bbc porn yesterday and I mean she came hard. So I told her she could fuck a bbc but only if he insults my little cock we also are semi BI and I would like to suck it so I can taste her pussy cream and so forth no fucking tho just blowing. She...
  12. M

    Am I the odd one here?

    Hi All! I’m new to this site – drawn to it because of a long-held fantasy of seeing my wife with another man. Of course, it wasn’t just her having fun: I was (ultimately) with another woman but that was later in the fantasy. Anyway, I’ve read a bunch of stories here on the site, and even took...
  13. pearnoise

    How to get in a role of bi submissive cuckold, being a strong willed stubborn male

    Hello everyone, I have a question. Last summer I met a girl through internet,who was interested in cuckold/hotwife relationship. She was into it for long time with former boyfriend, who used to find her lovers, and watch them have her, while in chastity device himself. So, she asked me am I...
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  15. Subhub

    What is the most exciting/humiliating thing your wife has done?

    I recently had my most memorable experience. I'm wondering how it stacks up against other husbands!