1. Anakin85

    Expose your slutty wife here for us to rate out of 10 and tell you what we'd want to do to her!

    Are you feeling horny and naughty? Expose your wife so we can wank over her!:devilish:👿
  2. FitWifeProject

    FitWife Exposed at the Hotel Door

    Hubs had a thrilling adventure few weeks ago at a hotel! He humiliated me more than he ever has! Standing inside our room, holding the door open while he takes pictures and video!😬 The large windows fully open too!😳
  3. IMG_8663.jpeg


    So fucking funny😒😠 Making me stand in our hotel doorway showing my big ass so everyone can see! It’s not enough that our fucking windows are wide open!! 🫣😳 Fucking asshole! Hope you guys laugh your hearts while I get humiliated for being such a stupid desperate slut! 🫣🙈
  4. M

    Being laughed at when bulls watch you trying to fuck your trying to fuck your wife.

    Anyone has fantasy of being surrounded by dominant bulls that laugh at your wife aswell as at your soft dick, that is unable to enter your wife's pussy , that is being on her 4s?
  5. H

    Obedience Training for Cuckolds

    Who likes being told what to do by their girl and/or her bull? Here’s a list of a few things I’d make you do: Prepare her for me Shower her Put lotion all over her body so she is nice n soft Help her into your favorite outfit she will wear for me, not you Put on her dog collar & leash Wait...
  6. X

    Rate/degrade my wife! My first post

    My first post here, any tributes, captions, or magazine covers are 100% welcome My one question to you is she a pig or a cow?
  7. Cuddletime.jpg


    What if you got one night, in the same bed with my wife?
  8. F

    I Lost My Temper and My Bull Made Me Pay For It

    PREFACE: So those of you who have read my stories on here know that I am 25 going on 26 soon and my older brother, who is also my Bull is 27 going on 28. JT was the tall, cocky, douchey muscle head jock in high school with the ridiculously good looks and every girl in our school loved him. I...
  9. TheChasteCuck

    Most Humiliating Position

    Is there any certain position you find to be extra humiliating during? For me, it’s definitely laying down, with my face directly under her. A real close view of what’s happening…
  10. TheChasteCuck

    Always Locked

    Hello, I’m fairly new to being cucked. I’m finding it incredibly intense, and exciting. And she’s enjoying being pleased more. The only problem, is she requires me to me in chastity every time. It’s so frustrating because I wanna edge, and orgasm as I watch. But she absolutely won’t allow it...
  11. vrbyxxx

    Asian petite wife

    Rate my asian petite wife and what you gonna do to her. ;)
  12. Packs

    ugly cow ass

    I always leave my girlfriend naked when my friends arrive she likes to be humiliated the last time they scratched her ugly ass with pen and made her dance they are so used to seeing her naked that it's a habit
  13. P

    Ever been sexually humiliated without asking for it?

    It seems that to be humiliated one has to either confess to a partner that they're into it or go and hire a professional (dominatrix, cam girl etc.). Has anyone been humiliated by a partner for lack of size or sexual prowess without having to beg or pay for it? Give us the gory details! My go...
  14. S

    Cuck here. Is this idea hot to anyone else or is it too much? (Brutal emotional cucking)

    Hi, I have been into the idea of being a cuck for a while, but I'm kinda looking for something specific. I am endlessly turned on about the idea of my girlfriend who I love deeply being taken from me by someone who takes pleasure in knowing exactly how much I love her. I've been with her for...
  15. cuckoldslut72

    We want bull with very big cook

    szukamy byka z dużym kutasem do rogacza klimatycznego seksualnych spotkań. Mój rogacz tylko obserwuje i wykonuje moje polecenia.Interesują nas tylko panowie z kutasami +21cm
  16. Couple4MFM

    Fucked on or over my husband's lap

    A few years ago I was with a hot younger man I met during a camping trip in our RV. My husband was sitting on the sofa and I was next to him when the guy began to undress me. The guy was very dominant and so my husband just sat where he was and let things happen between me and this guy. The...
  17. C

    Need humiliation and tease ideas for my cuck

    need your help… I need a list of ideas to tease and torture my cuck. Last night he had to lay between my legs while I was face down going to sleep while he had to sniff my crotch. Need more, lots more…
  18. Kevboy1690

    Wife her Ex and me

    To set the scene, me and my wife have been together since high school, childhood sweethearts if you like ive always loved her and always will. We did split up for a few years in our early 20s due to being too serious too young and both of us needing to experience life on our own. During this...
  19. S

    Asking for Captions or Tributes, shes highly used and loves being degraded

    Hope you guys enjoy, from Maryland.
  20. IMG-20220222-WA0003.jpg


    Letting me know I've got a little dick