I Lost My Temper and My Bull Made Me Pay For It

Mar 27, 2021
San Diego, California

So those of you who have read my stories on here know that I am 25 going on 26 soon and my older brother, who is also my Bull is 27 going on 28.

JT was the tall, cocky, douchey muscle head jock in high school with the ridiculously good looks and every girl in our school loved him.

I was scrawny, shorter, nervous and unsure of myself in everything. JT always got everything he ever wanted and things always went his way. He got all the love and fame and popularity despite being a total asshole and bully to me, often using his ability to entertain our peers with my humiliation and physical domination as a means to social climb. We come from a very wealthy part of Southern Cali so I imagine you guys might not feel bad for me and think I'm just a rich kid asshole. For this reason, being in the popular clique despite being very attractive, I landed incredibly hot gfs who eventually got so turned on by watching an alpha male like my big brother dominate me, they'd end up fucking him in front of me. I was always seething with bitterness and jealousy against him while he sadistically reveled in my misery and sulking. It was actually perfectly primed for us to one day adopt that lifestyle.

Everytime I felt like the universe had cheated me out of Karmic Justice, with him never getting the punishment he deserved and instead so much sitcom like misfortune befalling me, I would use the humiliation and cuckoldry as a coping mechanism and now I'm sooooo addicted to how fucking amazing and sexually arousing it is to experience this lifestyle especially with my evil genius, better looking, incredibly well-endowed older brother as my bull.

Under our current dynamic / agreement, he is entitled to fuck every one of my girlfriends to this day if he can convince them to fuck him. I of course, am obligated to struggle against this as it makes it more hot and humiliating when I fail. And often I really do actually try to prevent this from happening as I land dangerously fine women sometimes but something just breaks loose and comes alive when I lose to him and fully submit to him stealing them away.


JT and I live in the same fancy apartment and work in the same building. I actually don't like his personality or spending time with him except for how much his disrespectfulness pisses me off, humiliates me, and then in turn becomes a turn on when imagining how a woman will react to seeing him boss me around over everything.

But anyways, we go out and run errands together really just to scout women though when I'm not in a relationship. He's really never been in an actual relationship. Nonetheless, sometimes, instead of us both making the simultaneously agreed upon decision to find a girl I like in public, have me start to lock her down and then him come in to steal her, I'll find an actual girl that I really like for myself and desperately don't want him to steal.

So there's been this really cute Asian American at this clothing store where shop and there's never anyone in there really. She has always turned me on so much, is like 5'8, and is hiding big soft juicy boobs behind her uniform.

She is so kind and polite and feminine and friendly and kind of hoped that she would be repulsed by the way JT interacts with me and tries to domineer me all the time.

This is what ACTUALLY happened:

JT and I were in the large clothing store where she works yesterday. We got to the center of the main floor where one of two cash register stands were and she was behind the desk. You see, I have been working out, working on my confidence, and trying to stand up more to JT.

With this new found confidence, I went up to this girl, asked her for name and chatted small talk like how long she had been working here, if she was from California, if she was in school, and it was going great. Her name was Gina Lao (she mentioned her grandparents were from China.)

I didn't notice or care to look if JT had noticed me chatting with this voluptuous Asian babe. JT swiftly slid up to me as I stood across from her at the register, got in my face from the side as he towers over me, and began telling me that I was going to put gas in the car after we left, and he was stern about it. I tried to fight the immediate adrenaline rush and flare of arousal at the fact that he was domineering me in front of my crush. In fact it pissed me off so much I wanted to punch him but knew he would demolish me. He was trying to get in her head and I had to control the narrative he was pushing.

But he kept pushing and slightly raising his voice each second as his eyes and nostrils flared open wider and his body language became more dominant. I avoided making eye contact by instinct while I responded to everything JT said to me which I didn't realize was making me look weak as I kept my head forward or to the ground and she was starting to notice.

Her face is a blank look of captivation and awe as she passively takes in what she's seeing and her primal instincts watching two males compete kicks in. JT said to her that I was getting fussy, specifically that "my panties were in a knot" to her which pissed me off so much I quickly pushed him so as to start a fight. It didn't really move him so I threw a punch and my fucking brother fucking caught it. My heart had never sank so fast as I saw the most terrifying look on his face then as he intended to punish me.

JT then slapped me across the face, whacked the tip of my dick through the pants with his cell phone and then did a takedown to the ground. I kid you not, while she watched with a stunned look from the register desk feet away, JT looked down on me like a raging bull, and while I lay on my back, in a split second, he leveraged his knee deep into my balls. He even held it there for a moment moving it in a circle and knocked the wind out of me. We both looked at her while it was there and my heart sank again. He got up and I remained on my knees holding my punished junk while, to my immense dread I saw him approach her.

He started a conversation by whispering in ear which he always did to get to me because he knew how much I hated not knowing how he pulled these women. She started laughing with excitement literally the fucking second he got close to her, then started charming her and making her laugh in her ear, then the next thing I see is the two of them getting out their phones to exchange numbers.

I hated him so much.... but also was so soo soooo turned on by how he did it to me again and dominated me as a means to get the girl I wanted. I was turned on by now seeing that this girl, who seemed like a nice girl who liked nice guys, was just like the rest that couldn't resist the primal urge to mate with and choose the stronger male who dominates the weak beta.

JT picked me up by my shirt collar and walked me out of the building where still no fucking managers or other employees, maybe for the best, could witness basically an assault. He made me pay for gas on the way home and boasted proudly and rubbed it all in my face the entire way home.

So it's a couple hours later like 6 o clock and he already manages to get fucking pictures and some nudes from her!!!!

He immediately showed them to me. I was sooooooo fucking pissed at how hot she was and how he was going to get all of her. I knew her titties were big but I didn't think they were that big. Even her big sexy hips wtf. We didn't see her ass yet but I had my suspicion and by extension, intense rage and jealousy.

(I sometimes think this world is a cruel joke and really hate my brother but couldn't also act like I totally didn't want to jerk off just hearing about him getting nudes from her. Just the idea that she was so turned on after watching him dominate me was so familiar. and the fact that I struggled so hard to fight for her this time made it actually even hotter that I was hopeless.)

So my brother allowed me to read some of their texts and he's being super to the point and what I would consider weird by focusing so much of the conversation of what happened at the store but it worked. He had asked her about it a bunch and at one point she replied, "I wouldn't mind seeing you two go head to head again. A little competition keeps things interesting. But I'm pretty sure you'll get the prize." and then sent the first nude from above.

Then this morning, she sent him more pictures that she took with a tripod. That was when we learned how she took the second pic. JT was going to pissed if some other guy helped her take the second, soapy shower pic.

But no. Instead she was alone in her place taking these for JT which he then sent to me after showing me on his phone. She asked what sort of lingerie he liked and sent this:
JT took a minute to show me and gloat without responding to her and then asked to see what she might look like tonight from behind. She playfully then gave him these 10 minutes later.

JT is out shopping right now for items for the night that they fuck at our place. I can't get a hold of him to ask if they're doing it tonight at our apartment or tomorrow. Anyways I gotta ask guys:

Should I fight against this and try a last ditch effort to see if I can convince her that I can stand up for myself? I just know when the moment comes, the arousal and temptation is going to be so strong to buckle at the knees, bend over his lap while he sits next to her on the couch, let him pull down my pants, whoop my balls with his belt, and then submissively watch him bust nuts in her all night while he plays with her titties and ass.

Should I cuck and cave? It seems so hot because I especially don't want him to fuck her


Apr 26, 2022
You are just like me so you need to accept that JT is your superior and the only way you can relate to a woman is submissively. You are a beta and you're trying to compete with an Alpha male. You will lose every time and suffer humiliation to the amusement of the woman. Of course she will choose JT everytime. Just like in the wild when the deer and other mammals are in rut the males battle it out in front of the female as she watches and gets excited and lubricates. The winner emerges as the Alpha buck and the looser as the beta.The Alpha buck then fucks the female as she readily accepts him as the best choice for passing on the best genes.The beaten beta walks away defeated and pussyless.That's the same exact scenario you and JT played out in that store in front of that beautiful girl. We humans are more civilized of course than the wild mammals but that primeval instinct for the female to receive the best genes is still there and she naturally wants her offspring to have the best chance of survival. You and I don't have the superior genes, we're betas. When that girl was watching JT humiliate and overpower you she was getting wet and her sexual juices were flowing she couldn't help but be attracted to him. If she were to give birth to a son would she want a son that resembles you or JT. It might be a brutal fact but its true. You hinted that you were getting turned by receiving this embarassing defeat in front of her. I think the reason for that is because nature needs a player to serve as the looser so that this "mating" ritual can occur. The female needs to know who the superior male is but can't unless the competition bears it out. That's where us betas come in we allow the female to see how much more superior the other guy is. But whats in it for us, not only are we shamed and humiliated in front of the female but we walk away not getting the girl. It a defense mechanism as you mentioned in your post. Our brains become rewired to learn how to be sexually stimulated by this pain and humiliation. But only if we accept who we are and not try to be Alpha, we are just setting yourself up for a let down. I think you are in this transition right now. As my wife tells me "youre not man enough to fuck my pussy so learn to lick it and enjoy your place in our marriage." She cuckolds me and takes great pleasure in humiliating me and comparing me to her lover.She loves to see the contrast between her big strong dominant Alpha lover and her weak submissive Beta husband.She does this as foreplay and looking at how pathetic I am while having her virile man penetrate her brings her to her greatest orgasms. This practice is far removed from the natural behaviors that I mentioned earlier but the basic mode is in play. It just became a sexual kink and many facets were added to it like her making me lick her clean and eat the superior mans cum. This greatly increases my pleasure of being the submissive inferior male and increases my wifes sexual enjoyment and bolsters her lovers feelings of superiority and dominance. A win,win,win situation.I think if you accept your place and become JT's little minion you will start to enjoy sexual satisfaction at being humiliated in front of all the beautiful women he attracts. You should at some point have a talk with him about this and tell him that you surrender to him and you now realize who the superior man is. Tell him that if he enjoys shaming and bullying you that you are ok with that. Tell that girl and other girls what the situation is and if she wants to see a re-enactment of the store incident arrange it.Tell her that you are inferior and apologize for acting so pathetic in front of her and maybe she will allow you to kiss her feet at some point. Ask JT to order you to kiss her feet and in private maybe you will be allowed to lick her pussy in preparation for JT to fuck her. That's the only way I'm ever allowed to contact my wife. I'm required to lick her clean after she has been fucked. Wouldn't you love to be a wimp servant and clean up all JT's women after he fucks them but never win a girl for yourself? Be honest.