1. M

    American filipina couples first experience. (Quite an eye opener)

    My name is Dave I'm late 30s and my filipina wife Marie is in her mid 20s. I've always been the advenerous one in out relationship, Marie is very shy and conservative. About me I'm almost 6' tall medium build, good looks and very charming (so I'm told ) and I've got a good 7 inch dick with good...
  2. AsianHotWife

    Introducing My Asian Hotwife!

    My Asian Hotwife is a sexy Chinese-Viet female who is a lady on the streets but a total submissive whore between the sheets. We are London based creative couple and looking for guys or gals who are willing to meet for both social activities and photo opportunities.
  3. myslut714

    My Slut Wife Collection

    I have pics of my wife throughout this site so lets put it all one post. Enjoy.
  4. Shanghaidom88

    An amazing cuckolding experience in Shanghai

    I was exchanging recently with a hotwife and she was asking me how I imagine our first hot encounter, and the role of her husband, so I told her about my best experience: I met an Asian couple in Shanghai, S was an amazingly good looking girl in her 30s - N, her husband, did not look bad...
  5. Repost this everywhere you can!

    Repost this everywhere you can!

    Please repost this wherever you can!
  6. trying

    Newbie here, My Wife

    I got lots so enjoy and Happy New Year!
  7. malmal

    Just another wife

    I've posted the wife in various threads. I'll collect everything that's been posted, in this thread. We met when she was in middle school. We started going out when she was in high school. She has a tight and petite body, and an even tighter pussy. She's a beauty, but I can't show her face for...
  8. J

    Asian and Yellow Fever

    Does anyone here have Asian Fetish?
  9. zarywe

    Asian hotwife first playdate

    Quite a lot has happened since my last update. We finally had our first real life cuckolding experience! First some context. My wife started taking tango lessons at the gym downstairs for the past 2-3 months, she found a private instructor who teaches at a local art/dance university, he's young...
  10. myslut714

    Show Off Your Wife In Stockings!!!

  11. A

    comments my asian wife

  12. J


  13. A118884C-5D9C-42A6-B9AD-30BAB622A414.jpeg


  14. D0E93FBC-A525-4361-86D9-C178AD8BC52D.jpeg


    my friend eating my girl out
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  17. zarywe

    Asian wife Bunny outfit and stockings

    My absolute favorite outfit for my wife, we rarely fuck in it though, she doesn't like me ripping her even when we do, it doesn't feel very spontaneous, since in the heat of the moment, i have to pause and peel them off of her legs gently. So usually she would just give me a...
  18. E

    My Indian ErotikSlutWife

    Hey guys! We are new to this forum. Hope to have some fun and meet some nice people here.
  19. Asian Girl Rides Dick

    Asian Girl Rides Dick

    Asian Girl Rides Dick
  20. Hot Asian Girl Riding Dick

    Hot Asian Girl Riding Dick

    Hot Asian Girl Riding Dick