any interest?

  1. maxgen373737

    My wife wants to know if there's any interest in her...we just moved to the Sacramento suburbs...

    in public, she's conservative, smart, a little shy, and soft spoken... in private, once she's stroked and licked, she's a wildcat...and almost insatiable... some type of connection is a must... respectful and able to hold a conversation too... what do you think? ps - looking for feedback and...
  2. sgeorge506

    MILF ass up & ready?

    My wife's hot ass getting ready for fun. Let us know what you would like to do to her if you were there.
  3. tn43somes

    Anyone interested in a hot mature lady that is a size queen in Tennessee. Must be at least 8"

    This is a 64 year hot babe and that is married to small dicked (5") husband in Tennessee. Can you help her?