1. boodyzzz

    Egyptian arab bull

    Hello kinksters, I hope you're having good time. New to the platform, old to the lifestyle not exactly black nor white😅 you can check the photos. If you're interested in having some fun in around Egypt, Hurghada or Sharm Elsheikh in the next few months, write me.. let's discuss and see where...
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  4. T

    any muslim or hijabi couples?

    i’m a young black bull from London was wondering if there’s any of these kind of couples on the forum they seem so rare and hard to find.
  5. T

    BBC looking for Hijabis and brown women

    Love hijabis,indians,bengalis,pakistanis and arab wives don’t be afraid to PM me if your based in UK and fit the above
  6. T

    Young BBC London

    As my bio says i’m pretty much only interested in south asian women meaning paki,bengali, indian but also arab and hijabi women. Hoping to meet single women or couples looking for black guys in or around london
  7. Minoucha

    Arab wife finally owned by her older bull

    my Arab wife finally got owned by her Indian bull
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  9. T

    20 year old, brown bull, in Bahrain.

    I'm a young, 20 year old, looking for some fun. I'm American, and from Pakistan originally. I'm currently, in Bahrain. Hit me up. 🙃
  10. V

    Moroccan dick

  11. V

    Any couple from Morocco here

    25 yo moroccan bull ready to satisfy your wife
  12. A


    I like to fuck married women's in front of husband's . I feel strong. Any one want to visite morocco and want to share he's wife . I'm very ready .
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  17. A

    Any arab cuck here?

    I'm 21 m I'm very handsome and i have 6 inch cock and it's ready for action
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    Any takers?
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    Woke up and this what I found
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