1. hongkong2.jpg


    Another view of Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  2. wifescousin.jpg


    When your wife's cousin Josie comes to stay for a few weeks from Samar and she starts to miss her boyfriend.
  3. closeupJeanine.jpg


    A golden oldie: A close-up of Jeanine
  4. NIPPLES.jpg


    Is it just me or are the nipples on Asian women larger in proportion to their breasts than others.
  5. TIGHT.jpg


    The distance between a woman's vagina and her anus is a sure guide to how quickly she's going to cum.
  6. filipinapussy.jpg


    The investigation of pussy is one of the most worthwhile studies you can do.
  7. loose.jpg


    Some are loose. Some are tight. Every Filipina is different.
  8. nipa_hut.jpg


    There are no secrets in the Philippines: the "cousins" of your girlfriend are everywhere and the bamboo walls of the traditional nipa hut allow EVERY sound of your lovemaking to travel around the neighbourhood.
  9. the best view in the house.jpg

    the best view in the house.jpg

    The best view in the world.
  10. filipina.jpg


    There are many wonders of nature to be seen and admired in the Philippines. This is just one of them ....
  11. cebu.jpg


    On top of the situation in Cebu.
  12. talisay3.jpg


    Beauty beyond compare can be found in the Philippines.
  13. viewofphilippines.jpg


    The Philippines has over 7,000 islands to explore, but the best explorations are always to be had in your very own bedroom.
  14. licky.jpg


    When she wants to be smothered in kisses.
  15. her-favourite-position.jpg


    Asian girls seem to love this position
  16. z Gods creation.jpg

    z Gods creation.jpg

    God's creation is beautiful. Worship it!
  17. z pussy.jpg

    z pussy.jpg

    Studying the beauty of Asia
  18. z pyjamas.jpg

    z pyjamas.jpg

  19. z suppertime.jpg

    z suppertime.jpg

    It's time for supper (again)
  20. aaaaaaaaa footsie.jpg

    aaaaaaaaa footsie.jpg

    Playing footsie ...