1. C

    Looking for Asian wife to collect , know about and jerk off on cam with hubby

    Bull here looking for TRUSTWORTHY Asian cuck as a jerk mate who can share his Asian wife and be a long time freind . Must be discrete
  2. FullSizeRender.MOV


    My Blasian FWB with a fat ass
  3. The Mound

    The Mound

    Such an underrated part of the female anatomy. The girl from Samar had such a well developed Venus Mound.
  4. Scent training

    Scent training

    It's an important part of any developing relationship
  5. Ready


    I've not got much, it's true, but what I've got I give it her all.
  6. Hairy


    I'm finding that girls in the big cities are catching onto the horrible Western habit of shaving their mounds, but in the provinces girls are still proud to show off their hair. Thank God! The Lord gave us pubic hair for a reason, so we should keep it.
  7. beauty


    Her beauty is beyond compare ....
  8. Showing off the piece of her that  keeps me warm and grips me tight at night.

    Showing off the piece of her that keeps me warm and grips me tight at night.

  9. miriam.jpg


    Life in Tondo, Manila, is good.
  10. The Christmas Present.jpg

    The Christmas Present.jpg

    A wise choice: When her Christmas present is still being made good use of at the end of January.
  11. Samar delicacy.jpg

    Samar delicacy.jpg

    Melody: A girl who knows what she likes.
  12. the rooming house.jpg

    the rooming house.jpg

    Those who don't know the Philippines, won't know about the delights that await you in the 'rooming house' . This is where a young woman can live cheaply, away from the prying eyes of Mom and Pop. A bit downmarket from a boarding house, it nevertheless provides all the essentials - a bed and privacy
  13. hongkong2.jpg


    Another view of Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  14. wifescousin.jpg


    When your wife's cousin Josie comes to stay for a few weeks from Samar and she starts to miss her boyfriend.
  15. closeupJeanine.jpg


    A golden oldie: A close-up of Jeanine
  16. NIPPLES.jpg


    Is it just me or are the nipples on Asian women larger in proportion to their breasts than others.
  17. TIGHT.jpg


    The distance between a woman's vagina and her anus is a sure guide to how quickly she's going to cum.
  18. filipinapussy.jpg


    The investigation of pussy is one of the most worthwhile studies you can do.
  19. loose.jpg


    Some are loose. Some are tight. Every Filipina is different.
  20. nipa_hut.jpg


    There are no secrets in the Philippines: the "cousins" of your girlfriend are everywhere and the bamboo walls of the traditional nipa hut allow EVERY sound of your lovemaking to travel around the neighbourhood.