asian bbc

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    Bi bull for a couple

    Love to own a long term slave cuck couple and breed them with potent seeds. Any mature spineless cucks/ sissies/ hot wives here up to serve a young brown dick?
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    South Asian women and couples in London

    I’m a Young black guy based in London Have a kink for brown women in general but especially hijabis and south asians. seems there’s not many of them on this site though
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    Hello, I’m new here

    Greetings. Recently married to a cute 31 old pinay. I have been trying to convince her to take a bbc for me but she is resisting. I’m hoping I can get her to at least try it once and go from there. I would honestly love to watch another man’s cum pour out of her.
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    Working hours
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    New Couple Asian/Caucasian

    Caucasian Male / Asian Female couple. Mid 30’s. We go between east Asia and the US. Looking mostly for bbc or bwc.