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    starting this for all who is in Thailand since saw there are a lot of people based in Thailand on here, we are a Thai couple 33/34 looking for people to hangout with and checkout swinger club in Bangkok!
  2. Naran

    Asian couple from Phyuket

    We are married Asian couple (34,30) from Phuket, Thailand. Finding BBC/BWC.
  3. Asian wife.jpeg

    Asian wife.jpeg

    Dare open her?
  4. z afterwards.jpg

    z afterwards.jpg

    When she whispers "just let it go" as you're about to withdraw ....
  5. hot.jpg


    It's another hot and humid night. Too hot to sleep ....
  6. breakfast.jpg


    After a long night, it's only right that she serves breakfast in bed.
  7. DSC01738.JPG


    Does my outfit get you hard?
  8. 3726701852


    Is this how you want me?
  9. DSC01839.JPG


    Should I wear this out to the club?
  10. WIFEFCP1uMhVcA4VRA0.jpg


  11. My hotwife

    My hotwife

  12. Vietnamese Wife

    Vietnamese Wife

  13. Vietnamese Wife

    Vietnamese Wife

  14. Vietnamese Wife

    Vietnamese Wife

  15. Vietnamese Hotwife

    Vietnamese Hotwife

  16. Ilovesluxts


    Any one in California
  17. IMG_20201014_001841.jpg


    My sex body