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    What do you want in your mouth first? The dick or the balls?
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  4. Cock and balls from a 21yo

    Cock and balls from a 21yo

    21yo here, CBUS area. Check my profile and ad. Looking for cuckold couples nearby in my area. Where are my cucks and hot wives that love some nuts and a huge cock.
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    21 Yo Bull - Fantasy of having sex in front of husband while my big balls slap and impregnate his wife

    21 yo Bull from milwaukee area. Ive had big balls for a while, and with them I have large cumshots. Now, ive needed to buy plan B before, and its not something I enjoy, but I was always aroused by the thought of implanting my seed in someone. One thing led to another and now i'm involved with...
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  8. Big_Mike_SP94

    How many tributes do you think we can do a day???? 😂😂😂😂

    Hi mates, let's have some humor today... I just wanted to share my opinion on this, as a joke, because I can't stop laughing everyday... I'm glad some hubbies like my genitals. I'm glad they offer their wives. But... just a bit of common sense... I have the feeling that most of them get...
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    I asked chat gpt why Big Balls are better - This is what it said

    In an attempt to explain to others why having big balls is really a very good thing to have I asked chat gpt what the advantages of having big balls can bring. Why did I do this, you might ask? Well, I feel there is a very low amount of love that big balls get, and as a bull who has big balls, I...
  12. Summer vacation.

    Summer vacation.

  13. My latino cock

    My latino cock

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    beast album 2 - helicopter.jpg

    Mid helicopter