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  1. Cuckold hubby watched and cumeating.mp4

    Cuckold hubby watched and cumeating.mp4

  2. 20180705_171606.jpg


    Working on my tan in the backyard
  3. 20180628_145540.jpg


    Netflix and dick... Perfect afternoon.
  4. 20180628_163829.jpg


    Could you take this? Wanna try? Volunteers?
  5. 20180628_164107.jpg


    Needing your mouth and pussy...
  6. B

    Pawg wife wants black bull

    Jenna looking for a Bull or gentleman to introduce me to other BBC's for a weekend of using me.
  7. 11232107 kristal ass.mp4

    11232107 kristal ass.mp4

    attempt at DP for her... hubby couldnt keep his in her pussy, but she loved all 9in in her ass!
  8. 11232017 kristal fuck squirt.mp4

    11232017 kristal fuck squirt.mp4

    first BBC and first squirt
  9. Ky bath time 1.jpg

    Ky bath time 1.jpg

  10. backyard hard.jpg

    backyard hard.jpg

  11. 20150522_134746.jpg


    me again
  12. Hard Outside.jpg

    Hard Outside.jpg

  13. 2016-12-07_06-25-56.jpg


    my 9in
  14. 2016-12-07_06-44-23.jpg


  15. Getting some BBC

    Getting some BBC

    Just fucking
  16. T

    2016 married and cuckold

    Pic below of me with partner, now wife. Shortly after wedding found out she was seeing a guy from work, after a while accepted this and now within 1st year of marriage she has been with 3 guys. Started as a massive issue , me never considered sharing but now see turn on and now an exciting part...
  17. 1cummthirsty

    How I became a Big Blk Cock Luvin cummthirsty cucky

    How I became a cummthirsty cucky It all started with my 2nd wife now ex. She saw how hard my lil dick would get when I was allowed to fuck her, when I would lick up my own cum-pie. And she would always tell me about all the other guys that had cocks the size of a beer bottle . Even though it...