big balls

  1. ReDeye616

    Asian muscular dom bull

    Hi I am Jason muscular guy with 16cm cock looking for couples,wives girls and cucks who need their wife used and trained,I am planning to travel more next year and visit many places and meet new people,while visiting local places I wanna visit local pussies,hungry girls indeed of a good...
  2. W

    21 Yo Bull - Fantasy of having sex in front of husband while my big balls slap and impregnate his wife

    21 yo Bull from milwaukee area. Ive had big balls for a while, and with them I have large cumshots. Now, ive needed to buy plan B before, and its not something I enjoy, but I was always aroused by the thought of implanting my seed in someone. One thing led to another and now i'm involved with...
  3. Your girl's view ♠

    Your girl's view ♠

    Ever wondered what she sees when she is pleasing a BBC bull? Here you go, cuck! 😈♠
  4. W

    I asked chat gpt why Big Balls are better - This is what it said

    In an attempt to explain to others why having big balls is really a very good thing to have I asked chat gpt what the advantages of having big balls can bring. Why did I do this, you might ask? Well, I feel there is a very low amount of love that big balls get, and as a bull who has big balls, I...
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    It’s very heavy
  13. L

    Experienced Las vegas area bull

    I am a 42-year-old Las Vegas-based bull looking for a couple or hotwife who likes to play naughty.I'm up for most things as long as all three are in on it. Im straight, told I'm handsome and I have a thick cock.I have many pictures and videos for those with who I chat that I determine are not...
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    Balls full
  15. Come take a ride...

    Come take a ride...

    and cum on it over and over
  16. JH164

    Wife comments does it mean she wants a 3 some.

    Wife made these comments when having sex with her I have been married 1 year. Believe it or not we did not have sex before we got married. These are some of the strange things my wife had said to me during foreplay and having sex. One time she was giving me a hand job and I asked her how come...
  17. Dominant Bull Cock & Balls Full and potent to flood your cunt with thick sperm

    Dominant Bull Cock & Balls Full and potent to flood your cunt with thick sperm

    Full and potent to flood your cunt with thick sperm
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    My tool is ready for duty , ma'am ;)
  19. ٢٠٢٢٠٦٠١_٠٥٥٩١٩.jpg


    What do you think of my tool ? Can it make an older woman climax ? ;)
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