bisexual wife

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    Bisexual wife
  2. P

    Wife and her girlfriend

    My wife has this girlfriend who she's been sleeping with regularly now. At least once a week. It is fucking hot as fuck. Unfortunately the girl friend is a full on lesbian with no interest in men. So they play together while I wait downstairs. The girlfriend won't let me watch yet. But...
  3. Indianking21


    Any bulls in the Florida area available from mid July to mid August... My wife is gonna be there but I won't... I'll need someone to take care of her. Private message me please thanks...
  4. Timster

    Lesbian/Bi Fantasy

    My wife would like to find a sexy lady who would like to pop her bisexual cherry. Couples preferred. She works out often and would like her "teacher" to be fit as well. What she's looking for: Athletic woman Nice bubbly butt Above average height (preferable) Non smoker (except weed, 420...
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    First 3some