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  2. BBC from North Carolina ;)

    BBC from North Carolina ;)

  3. Creamy tip.jpg

    Creamy tip.jpg

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  4. Body selfie.jpg

    Body selfie.jpg

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  5. BBC 2

    BBC 2

  6. BBC 1

    BBC 1

  7. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide Part 5

    Then she slid her mouth down and took in every inch of my dick. I was amazed that she could take it all in her mouth, but then she held it there for what was actually seconds, but seemed like minutes. I slapped my forehead and screamed out as the intense feeling of pleasure mounted. The...
  8. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide Part 4

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god it's big baby!" I remember thinking that I had never had any girl that was this tight. I shoved my dick deeper into her and she threw her head back, arched her back, and shook like she was having spasms. As I slowly started to pump her, her screams had reached a new high...
  9. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide Part 3

    After about five minutes of intense sucking, just when I thought that I couldn't take anymore, she put her hand on my abs and looked up at me. "Lay back baby, I've got more for you." She whispered seductively. I fell back on the bed, Mary just smiled as she held my dick in her hand. I...