1. B

    Any Couple or Single Woman Visiting Tanzania??

    Hi everyone. I am blackman from Tanzania the mainland of Zanzibar looking for my first interacial sex. Any white woman or couples looking to visit the Country you are more than welcome. For those who like 3some i can arrange. We have famous National Parks like Serengeti National Park, Ruaha...
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    1st Gf that cheated on me

    Yes, she one of them in the group photo too. No, none of those guys are me...
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    any black wives here ?

    why all wifes here are white ? where is the black wifes and black cucks ? dont be shy
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    Controlling, dominant, experienced, high stamina bull in Sydney

    My biggest turn on is interracial sex. In the bedroom I dominant and always in control, not disrespectfully of course. My turn ons include slow, passionate whole body sliding of skin on skin, looking into the eyes while in the act, deep kissing, slow and deep breathing into each others skin, and...
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    Corporate bull from Sydney

    Corporate IT professional in SYDNEY. I am fit and 5'7" tall with a dark schlong. Fussy about hygene and smelling nice which on the bright side actually works for everyone. Regular at the gym but not a gym junkie. My biggest turn on is interracial sex. In the bedroom I dominant and always in...
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    Ever have a funny Hotwife moment

    The funniest hottest thing happen to me and my hot wife a few years ago. We are an interracial couple. I'm black, tall and I guess you can say I have an intimidating stocky build. My wife Marie is short, petite Latina. One day we found ourselves on the boat of a cool ass white couple. The wife...