1. 5688.mp4


    Love it black. More on Blacktowhite
  2. IMG_20247594.jpg


    All in All out! Right color!
  3. IMG_20233479217412.jpg


    Can't be always playing with her.. sometimes I gotta sit back and enjoy the view, the sound, the movement!
  4. IMG_2024012082340.mp4


    Sharing have a lot as it goes on her mind… the empathy, the smell, the contact, the intimacy… that's why i choose partner for us that want to stay the full weekend and not only for a quickie… and tested as full sharing is only when you share all between partners!
  5. IMG_2023016363.jpeg


    Close up… love the skin contrast of her on his
  6. IMG_47239.jpg


    Waiting for me to say to her to turn back and see the surprise for the first time
  7. B


    Which wife here is willing to post the most slutty photo/video in honor of her love for BBC?
  8. BIG4YourWife

    Women With BBC Dildos

    Let's see women with their BBC dildos. Please only your wife, your hotwife (if you are a bull), hotwives themselves (Queen of Spades), or single ladies (Snowbunnies).
  9. wife gets blacked in the wedding dress.mp4

    wife gets blacked in the wedding dress.mp4

    ultimate cuckold fantasy is fulfilled
  10. notoriousbbc

    UK/Ireland/Scotland Room For People Who are looking for Fun & Pleasure

    We are all adults ! And I'm here for SEX , Fun, Excitement and Pleasure . Please be Respectful of all Members And NO Means NO! BUT DO HAVE LOT's of FUN LIFE IS FOR LIVING SO DO NOT BE Sitting at home all alone Contact one or even two of the members and enjoy the pleasures of life PUT THE TOYS...
  11. Stretching her.

    Stretching her.

    When all that yoga at the gym pays off.
  12. Wife


    Give her a BBC
  13. W

    Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses

    Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses Note: Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses is a story of a woman who experiences the pleasures and frustrations of being a Hot-wife who loves Big Black Cock. It also looks at the desperation that her “husband” must endure as she is...