blonde wife

  1. Early Morning Vibrations

    Early Morning Vibrations

  2. J

    A tricky one. Long game. Covert. 🤷‍♂️

    Hi guys n gals. Wanted to see if anyone would be willing to help. Not even sure if it would work and it would be a one time chance so you’d have to be on your A game and be patient. I personally would love the challenge. You’d have to be a good looking guy and have a BBC. My wife used to play...
  3. IMG_3137.jpg


    Do I look amused?
  4. 5216CD7E-F40B-4365-A2D7-DFDFFC128B93.jpeg


    Wife cumming on bulls cock
  5. E7F46954-2F6B-4B2D-A5D5-F814FAC42FE8.jpeg


    Being fucked on her side..
  6. DBFD8DF8-D027-4102-B80D-37C2F657F727.jpeg


    Squeezing her own tits.. riding my buddys cock..
  7. slave


  8. IMG_3992.MOV


    My turn after a thick cock, just filled her up!
  9. Cheeky beach flash

    Cheeky beach flash

    Cheeky flash for my husband (and anyone else who caught a peek)
  10. Nude beach

    Nude beach

    I do love to relax naked on the beach
  11. Relaxed, ready

    Relaxed, ready

    Enjoying the hot sun
  12. By the pool

    By the pool

    Winter sun!
  13. Makeup time

    Makeup time

    Getting ready to go out
  14. Burntpoptart408

    ☆Ask me anything about my wife ☆

    Please ask anything you want about my wife :) All comments are welcome also She thinks she's not anything to catch anyone's attention on here lol
  15. Burntpoptart408

    🇺🇸 Just married under30cpl

    Recently married. No experience at all other than pic trading and cam play stuff. Looking for new friends cpls, men , women all welcome .
  16. ABCD0008 (1).JPG

    ABCD0008 (1).JPG

  17. I bought my lover a new watch 😉

    I bought my lover a new watch 😉

    Do you think it suits him? 😀
  18. Kathie2.jpg


    Would you fuck her
  19. I should wear a jacket over this!

    I should wear a jacket over this!

    Just bought this top- it wasn’t this sheer when I tried it in the shop! Should I go out like this??
  20. Good morning!

    Good morning!

    After my morning workout