1. 18.mp4


    Wife enjoying sex with her boyfriend
  2. T

    Seeking boyfriend

    Florida couple seeking boyfriend. Legitimate long term boyfriend for the wife. Preferably bi, but not mandatory. Wife wants to go on dates, stay over at your place (and vice versa), and have an otherwise ordinary bf/gf relationship.
  3. P

    My wife wants her ex-husband to become her bf and she wants him to knock her up.

    About a month ago, I found out, after-the-fact, that my wife had secretly reconnected with her ex-husband. Since then she spends hours, usually into two to three in the morning talking to him on FaceTime. She is in such a daze most of these days that she openly talks to him on speakerphone, at...
  4. Kevboy1690

    Wife her Ex and me

    To set the scene, me and my wife have been together since high school, childhood sweethearts if you like ive always loved her and always will. We did split up for a few years in our early 20s due to being too serious too young and both of us needing to experience life on our own. During this...
  5. C

    Lakewood - Colorado

    Wife in Lakewood Needs long term boyfriend/mate. We're not followers of the covidian cult. Let us know.. pictures come later. -- We can not handle bad laundry detergent nor petro fragrances. That's a huge requirement... but it might be best to say you should be extremely open minded as well...