1. Age 18

    Age 18

    Old selfie of the wife at age 18
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  6. She keeps sending and I’ll keep showing

    She keeps sending and I’ll keep showing

    Let’s talk about her tight Indian ass and what you would do to her
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    DSCN00 (25).JPG

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    DSCN00 (19).JPG

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    DSCN00 (18).JPG

  10. Mr Underwear

    Silvia's Underwear

    Hi everyone! I'm a man with an underwear fetish, they really make me hard. Silvia is a voluptuous housewife mom (born in 1970) and source of my perversion. I love to smell her underwear, slide them on my cock and cum on them. Best thing is she has no idea!!! Feel free to comment or send me a...
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    Rarely wears a bra
  12. T

    Bra’s and tags

    Hi everyone, as a massive fan of huge natural tits i also love to see all different kinds of bra’s and all the size tags. This has been a thing of mine for a long time. If anyone would like to share there bra’s lingerie on here either wearing them or not i would love to see them. i love to see...
  13. B

    Post your wife’s everyday lingerie

    Always see threads of everyone’s beautiful wives all dressed up, how about we show them off in their everyday underwear. Do they still wear tiny thongs? Or rather something more comfy? Let’s find out 😈 🍑 To start off her is one of my fuck buddies! 😏
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    npxe5 (82).jpg

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    wife.4.28 (1).JPG

    hotwife debating whether to go bra or braless
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    It's like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning
  20. Slut for cocks

    Slut for cocks

    Looking for cocks , all shapes and sizes .