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  7. vivihotwife

    Consented Betrayal

    Consensual betrayal: Viviane couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement as she entered the cozy restaurant near her home. Dim, intimate lighting filled the space, casting shadows on the walls and highlighting the rich colors of the worn leather seats and dark wood paneling. Overhead, old...
  8. smcouplebr


    Hi, guys. We are a begginer Brazilian couple who have a lot of fantasies. I love showing her off, and she loves to be seen and wanted. I love listening to her hot past stories while she sucks me. Nowadays, we're talking during fuck about other men having sex with her. Anyone else from Brazil here?
  9. Joepiroca

    Meet my wife

    Hello guys, how are you? I´m new to this forum and I´d like to present my wife to all of you. Her name is Vania and we have been married for a few years now. But only recently, I started to get pleasure by imagining her with other men. I guess I really became a cuck. So, now everytime I see a...
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    Brasilian bull here 32 years old
  11. Mirror Body

    Mirror Body

    My brazilian wife body throuth mirror
  12. Blogacorno

    What do you guys think about the Brazilians chicks?

    Here in Brazil cuckold relaptionship are increasing more and more Here I got some pictures from Blog Corno , Check out!