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    Who can write the best short story about this Hotwife?

    Who can write the best story or scenario about this beauty of a hotwife? Who has what it takes to drive her to the next level and make her their submissive slut? We are actively looking for all of the above mentioned and a bull (with all the expected credentials) to chat with regularly (once...
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    My Girlfriend Lisa

    Figured I'd post her better pictures since I've been asked by a few people already. She texts me these all the time and has only ever said "My face isn't showing, so unless someone can indentify me by my tits, then oh well ;) " Plus I love the idea that other guys are getting hard to her tits...
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    My wife

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    My wife, your cum slut

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  5. agentsandmilf

    Yes or No to a Boob Job?

    Wife wants a boob job b/c she hates that hers aren't symmetric. I think they're perfect but they've always been a self esteem issue for her when lookin in the mirror! Looking for your honest thoughts, comments, and whether or not you think she needs a tit job !