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    Bush and tits
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    Love a Sunny Day....
  6. Good morning!

    Good morning!

    After my morning workout
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  8. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Father’s Day Visit.

    Ali getting ready this morning to go visit her Dad for Fathers Day.
  9. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Describe what you would do to my girlfriend.

    Everyone, tell me what you would do to Ali, we’re both interested in hearing what you would all like to do to her given the chance 🥰😍
  10. Virgin breast

    Virgin breast

    This was the first time she undressed fully in front of a man. She was a virgin and nervous. She wasn't ready for sex, but she was horny and we compromised on a hand-job (her first hand-job). I couldn't stop staring at her perfect perky breasts.
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    Love when she wears tank tops with no bras!
  12. DSC02557 edit.jpg

    DSC02557 edit.jpg

    These are my girl's perky tits.
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  14. WantHerUsed

    My Girlfriend Lisa

    Figured I'd post her better pictures since I've been asked by a few people already. She texts me these all the time and has only ever said "My face isn't showing, so unless someone can indentify me by my tits, then oh well ;) " Plus I love the idea that other guys are getting hard to her tits...
  15. I

    My wife

    Love comments
  16. W

    My wife, your cum slut

    Please enjoy these pics of my wife to the fullest extent. I would love to see tributes to her posted on here with cum on her pics or a cock nearby. Talking dirty about her is also happily accepted.
  17. A

    Yes or No to a Boob Job?

    Wife wants a boob job b/c she hates that hers aren't symmetric. I think they're perfect but they've always been a self esteem issue for her when lookin in the mirror! Looking for your honest thoughts, comments, and whether or not you think she needs a tit job !