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    Trying to satisfy a craving! It helps, but it leaves me wanting something more! Would any one like video to see a video of me teasing my pussy? I would love to show you, please!
  2. Scan_20211226 (3).png

    Scan_20211226 (3).png

    Thought we would share one from the early years. The quality is not the best but thought you might enjoy it. She had fun posing for it and we both had fun after the photo session. Like it? Let us know, love your comments.
  3. Tori showtime

    Tori showtime

    Ready for the night! The old lingerie still fits!
  4. Watching Tori

    Watching Tori

    Tori entertains a new guest
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  12. R

    Caught My Wife Masturbating!

    After years of trying I caught her masturbating. Been trying to share her for years, she is reluctant still but this was a nice second prize for now! Shows her face so I cannot post in public but here is a screenshot and the link to the full video is here...
  13. JerryBear777

    My hot GF on her knees

    She loves to read the comments! Tell her how you would fuck her ;)
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    stephanie in lingerie
  15. New here and getting a lay of the land

    New here and getting a lay of the land

    We're a married couple looking to explore our fantasies.
  16. Screenshot_20201012-202829_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20201012-202829_Video Player.jpg

    Wife bending over
  17. Screenshot_20210822-114721-102.png


    Flipping her over for rear entry
  18. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Petite Brunette Girlfriend trying on summer lingerie.

    We’ve been in-active, she says that’s to change. On her request, she asked me to share for you all. I had to oblige, she is after all the boss.
  19. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Tribute & Caption Girlfriend.

    We’ve been in active, she says that’s to change. On her request, she asked me to share for you all. I had to oblige, she is after all the boss.
  20. Screenshot 2021-03-03 232121.png

    Screenshot 2021-03-03 232121.png

    These boots weren't made for walkin' , but there a lot of fun for "play time" ! Your thoughts?..... thanks.