1. Wife and Bull's Cum

    Wife and Bull's Cum

    They sneak to her friend's spare room, and so she gave a long waited blowjob. I'l take it sound as they saved me some goof proof. Btw, she is a pro when it comes to play with cum.
  2. H

    20th wedding anniversary.

    It’s our 20th wedding anniversary on Monday (6th May) and my wife has arranged for us to spend the night before with a guy we’ve been seeing for about 6 months. Can’t wait to see them waking up on our anniversary and spend the morning fucking! How’s that for an anniversary present?
  3. D

    I’ve been a “bull” for a hotwife couple for almost 2 years. But I need to end this “connection” because it’s not what I need long-term. [M30] advice?

    [M] 30 here. I’ve been seeing a middle-late 40s couple for the last year and a half 4 - 5 times a year since we both live in other states. She and I communicate on a weekly basis and everything has been very well with them and me. We usually meet in a hotel for a weekend every 2 - 3 months...
  4. M

    BBC for wives

    Would love to See Your Wives and jerk my cock for them
  5. A black hard cock

    A black hard cock

  6. H

    Bull vs Husband…

    Are there things that you do/would do with your bull that you wouldn’t do with your husband? Bee X
  7. D

    Learned some new things about this hot-wife and her husband. I have questions.

    I’m a 24 year old straight male. I’ve been visiting this middle-aged hotwife and her husband several times over the past couple of years. Recently she and I talked and she said that he enjoys fucking her after she and I are out done. When they have sex when they’re home, he dirty talks with her...
  8. IMG_3245.jpeg


    To huge to suck
  9. IMG_3241.jpeg


    Let me fuck you
  10. IMG_3240.jpeg


  11. any comments ?

    any comments ?

  12. A

    Dubai Trip Payment for Couples

    Hi Any hot couple want to have a trip to Dubai are welcome from 18 Dec. The whole trip cost will be covered
  13. BobbyJoDoesTikTok-02.mp4


    A bit of fun - BWC in a TikTok style - ladies, it's your turn now
  14. 34df4ee8-de59-4b28-8ae7-12b5da872f59-1.jpg


  15. Wife tributed

    Wife tributed

  16. Y


  17. J

    A Question for the Married Cucks

    When you look at your wedding photo, did you ever envision yourself watching your wife naked, sitting on another man's cock, her face, neck and chest flushed red, her eyes shut and her mouth agape, as her milky juices pool on his balls? Did any of your friends and family sitting there watching...
  18. 0C6CC91F-79E7-4AE8-B4B0-BDCD3AC411B2.png


    A Big Cock ona friday
  19. I

    Italian single male in Columbia SC area till April 2023

    Just got to the site and excited to find cuckold couples for pure fun. I am a dominant & well hung gentlemen, who like to love your wife, just in front of you or with you. I am very good at massages and soft BDSM as well if u like it, either for your wife or you! Toni
  20. IMG_20201103_160730.jpg


    Italian male, staying in Columbia SC, for three months, up to April 2023, would love to meet a cuck couple in the area.


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