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  1. C


    Anybody got a party/orgy planned or knows of one?
  2. asthetichunk

    The day I became a Bull!

    So my story writing skill isn't the best but let me tell you something that has happened two years ago.I was studying in the college at that time.There was this girl called XXXX and let's call her Sophia for the moment.Sophia and I were great friends and believe me, we were just friends but I...
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    New cuckold couple looking for bull for next weekend in Shreveport casino

    We are a very real mid 40s couple that wants to try our hand at cuckold fun next weekend in Shreveport for our anniversary.She is a gorgeous curvy hotwife with shaved smooth pussy,super nice ass,huge real tits and a gorgeous face. She cannot show sexy or nude pics because of her job.(She will...