Nov 26, 2017
So my story writing skill isn't the best but let me tell you something that has happened two years ago.I was studying in the college at that time.There was this girl called XXXX and let's call her Sophia for the moment.Sophia and I were great friends and believe me, we were just friends but I always wanted to fuck everything that moves but for the sake of not ruining our friendship, I never expressed anything much.Our friendship progressed.

Now, I don't like to talk much about me but for the guys who read the story, I was not the 1st rank guy or anything but I was a guy interested in computers and I used to get okay marks and I was wealthier than her(I think this had an effect on her) but most importantly, I was ripped as fuck, not the body builder type though but my body was a work of an art back.I know I am bragging but you can see my photo in the profile and you can judge.

One day, she asked me if I can drop her to her home because of some odd reason and I told her yes because I had nothing to do.That day we talked a lot and we became closer, we started going to different places in my bike and also my car and some times I used to scare her with my vehicle skills.LOL!

One day, we were going on a tour and I put my hand on her shoulder while she was sitting in the front seat, she felt uncomfortable moved my hands but then I knew that she wanted something from me for a long time.

So I said "I am not feeling your boobs like this for you to make that uncomfortable face and played with her boobs" , I looked at her face and it was priceless, her upper lips over her lower lips and that confused look on her face.I parked the car on a shady spot and I took her to the backseat and started kissing her, she enjoyed for sometime, I started massaging her body and went straight to her wet pussy but she pushed me back and I was like "WTF" and she said, no I have a guy in my mind, we are kind of married and I was like "WTF, you didn't tell me about this"

I stopped the car and told her you are a shady person and we need to stop our friendship.She couldn't say anything and I turned my car to drove her back and she immediately asked me to stop the car and I said I wouldn't stop the car as you are such a shady person and then she grabbed my cock and I said stop(Of course, just for a fun) and when she opened it, she was pretty much surprised to see its size.It was not a very big 12 inch cock or anything but more like a 7.5 with good girth, I don't know but most of my friends have very small cocks and I didn't know the average cock length is just 5.5 inch back in those days so when she said, its big I didn't believe her.Anyway, she started sucking it and I had to stop the car.

We both jumped to the backseat and she was so romantic and sucked my cock like a whore.I asked her, "What about your guy?", she said, please stop talking about him and let's have our own time and she cummed many times and I did like two times.She was not the most beautiful girl that I have done or she is not the girl with the highest emotional connection but yes, she was a whore in every literal sense and I liked the experience she gave me.
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