1. Prosper Hotwife

    Prosper Hotwife

    Sent this to husband just before being destroyed
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    milf wife sucks the cock from a young student
  3. Booty tease

    Booty tease

    Wife recording herself with a teasing video
  4. Sarahil

    Slutty secretary wife

    Taking off work with boss. Guess where we’re going.
  5. Creamy fuck bb

    Creamy fuck bb

    Wife takes stranger for the first time and creams over he’s cock until he leaves her with a creampie
  6. S

    She's cheated on me

    I am new here, don't even know if I am posting this in the right place. A couple of months ago my wife out of the blue confessed to having an affair, which she apparently ended. I have been upset and angry but also very weirdly turned on by it. I am hurt and angry that she could do this to...
  7. M

    Wanting wife to play again but don’t want to ruin us. W/ pic

    A few years ago the wife and I started fantasy talking about her getting a girlfriend to spice up our sex life. She ended up befriending a bisexual women who confessed her attraction to my wife and made out with her spontaneously after a few drinks at a bar. Fast forward a few months and nothing...
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    I went to the next door neighbor and taxed her pussy
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  11. Sarahil

    I need a black dick inside me

    I’m looking for a dick that will help me leave my husband. I’ve hurt him enough where it doesn’t please me anymore. Ps I swallow
  12. Neighbors wife comes over for a quick lay

    Neighbors wife comes over for a quick lay

    Neighbors wife sneaks over while her hubby is out at the store
  13. Preparing her.

    Preparing her.

    Who got the story around that black men don't like licking pussy.
  14. Getting the bed ready .... why bother?

    Getting the bed ready .... why bother?

    Erect and now hypnotised by the glorious bare ass, she frustratingly decides that's a good time to straighten the sheets .
  15. she's too good to fuck with husband only.mp4

    she's too good to fuck with husband only.mp4

    her hubby is a lucky man
  16. K

    Letting hubbys friend fuck me

    I have been hooking up w/ 1 of his friends for over 3 yrs. My husband started it by daring us to do stuff to each other 1 night. ( all drink ) . My husband is aware we still play , but not how often!! We sneak around alot… Any other wives in this predicament?
  17. BeyondThePines

    Our Journey and how we started.

    Just a quick background on us before I start. I’m 25. 6’2 about 215lbs. Average/athletic build. She’s probably 5’3 130 ish. We have kids and have been married for a few years now. Known each other since HS. When we first started dating I was coming out of an untrusting relationship. My ex, who...
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    Wife won't let me fuck her ass but sent this vid of her doing anal with my bf
  19. Q

    My gf wants a dick/cum tribute to her face pic

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  20. M

    Interesting Question

    Many men want their wife to be their own personal slut. But if someone's wife IS a slut through and through can/will she restrict that desire solely to her husband, or will she seek out pleasure on the side?