1. VID_20210919_034859.mp4


    Wife won't let me fuck her ass but sent this vid of her doing anal with my bf
  2. Q

    My gf wants a dick/cum tribute to her face pic

    She likes dominant guys to send their dick to her face pic and intimidate me
  3. M

    Interesting Question

    Many men want their wife to be their own personal slut. But if someone's wife IS a slut through and through can/will she restrict that desire solely to her husband, or will she seek out pleasure on the side?
  4. doggiestyle fuck.mp4

    doggiestyle fuck.mp4

    stranger fucks wife doggystyle
  5. wife suck the strangers cock

    wife suck the strangers cock

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  7. syybilbf

    Bull's view while taking me doggie!

    Let me know how you guys like it! ☺️
  8. Bull in me

    Bull in me

  9. 20191215_184540.jpg


    When the first real move was made...
  10. W

    Looking to breed with married/simgle woman

    Looking to fertilise fuck you name it i dont need contact with the child at all im happy to breed and run im open to any age (above 18...) even if its just a fantasy Message me !
  11. P

    Help finding this video or person

    Hello, I'm trying to find out who this person is. It showed up as a thumbnail on a site called porn555 or something like that but I couldn't actually find the video. The woman looks just like my wife, so I really want to find it, or at least find out who this actress is. Thanks guys.
  12. D

    My ex our experience

    I've been divorced from my ex since 2018 but I still think about the fun we had everyday. I'm 38 she's 36. We were together 14 years all together here's our experience, it's all 100% true. We got together in 04 and after a year or so we moved in together after we were together around 2 1/2 years...
  13. hagolfh3

    Sharing my wife with 4 guys....

    Two weekends ago my wife and myself went to a wedding in the Austin, Tx area, it was held at a golf resort. My wife made all the arrangements, we stayed on the resort which had little one bedroom condo's with king size beds, and as it turns out we were the only couple with the wedding party...
  14. She cheated on me

    She cheated on me

    She cheated on me
  15. M

    Girlfriend sharing

    Hello, im new here. I havent done anything, but i get so hard thinking about someone fucking my ex girlfriend. We still keep in touch and fuck once in a while. Im 14cm and not that into humiliation but I would love to hear how better some big cock felt in her pussy and how deeper it went. She...
  16. S

    Is she cheating

    Got this accidental text from the you think shes cheating?
  17. Cuckold Wife is Addicted to Big Black Cock

    Cuckold Wife is Addicted to Big Black Cock

    My wife is unable to control her sexual cravings by a huge cock. She is insatiable and it was thanks to cuckolding that our marriage was saved. I am a very devoted husband to her. I don't know what I would do if I lost her. I hope she never falls in love with any of her bulls.
  18. Sarah68.jpeg


    My wife Sarah. I think she may be fucking her trainer.
  19. J

    Found out my fiancé is a slut, what should I do now?

    New poster here desperately seeking advice. I recently found out my fiancé is a pretty big slut. I’ll keep this short and to the point. I started working a bunch of OT about six months ago to pay for a ring and save for a house (and I’m in one of the few jobs that actually got busier when...
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    DOM bull here!

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