1. R

    1st Gf that cheated on me

    Yes, she one of them in the group photo too. No, none of those guys are me...
  2. jndxxxp4~3_001_002.mp4


    Jessy video
  3. 4HBRxQBA.jpg


    Jessy and me
  4. 52997089_837970666539011_8929263839044698112_n_837970659872345.jpg


    Do not know their names. He insisted on riding to the store with me, so he could hit on me. My man told me to take as long as possible. I let him finger me and helped him get off. Had no idea my man was destroying his girlfriend at home.
  5. SUCK IT!.mp4

    SUCK IT!.mp4

    Our new friend sucking my mans throbbing cock. She loves it!
  6. video-1558553895 (1).mp4

    video-1558553895 (1).mp4

    More fucking
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    More fucking
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  9. received_286415262243690.jpg


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    Her posing
  11. Amber Black

    I need well hung tributes. PLEASE

    DM me if you are willing to jerk off to my pics and vids. My man gets off on watching me watch them. If it's good we can do a facetime or skype, or even a meet up if possible. We want disrespectful race-play videos (If you're black) if not you can still call me whore and be vulgar. It...
  12. B

    What are the odds?

    Wife is starting a 21 day cruise with her sister tomorrow. Husbands weren't invited, since they are spending some money they inherited when their mother died recently. Wife tells me she just wants to relax and have a good time. However she says that her older sister is planning to "run wild"...
  13. J

    Discovering my cuckold side

    I had a wife sharing fantasy for many, many years, but it was just that...wife sharing. The cuckolding side never appealed to me and I would always get very defensive whenever someone would call me a cuck. But that all changed when I found out that my wife had been cheating on me. I know...
  14. Busty girl cheats with bf's friend

    Busty girl cheats with bf's friend

    Busty girl cheats with bf's friend
  15. L

    Girlfriend Before Work.

    It’s erotic taking before work pics of my girlfriend, knowing she’s looking beautiful for her job..
  16. Cuckold wife blows hubby's friend

    Cuckold wife blows hubby's friend

    Cuckold wife blows hubby's friend
  17. Housewife gone wild

    Housewife gone wild

    Housewife gone wild
  18. Cheating brunette girlfriend

    Cheating brunette girlfriend

    Cheating brunette girlfriend
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