1. Girlfriend Cheats on her Boyfriend

    Girlfriend Cheats on her Boyfriend

    Girlfriend Cheats on her Boyfriend
  2. A

    So much I’ve ALWAYS wanted to share

    I’ve known that sharing hotwife experiences and cuckold experiences are what turn me on the most since I was 15, which is when I experienced it for the first time. Actually, possibly even sooner than that. I actually think the first time it unknowingly turned me on is when I found out my parents...
  3. CAUGHT Blowing Cock

    CAUGHT Blowing Cock

    CAUGHT Blowing Cock
  4. asthetichunk

    The day I became a Bull!

    So my story writing skill isn't the best but let me tell you something that has happened two years ago.I was studying in the college at that time.There was this girl called XXXX and let's call her Sophia for the moment.Sophia and I were great friends and believe me, we were just friends but I...
  5. B

    How become a cuck?

    Hello people I'm very new in this whole thing and it's getting me so Horny. I got a girlfriend we have good sex and she likes it a lot but I would love to see her getting fucked by other guys and making me a cuck or cheating like that. But I don't know how to get her doing that. Can someone...
  6. K

    Cheating Hot Wife & Her Bull

    Hi, we are S and R and this is our story. I have been in a relation with my bull for past 9 years without the knowledge of my hubby. We were active in social media in earlier days but we constantly received negative feedback and even threats to identify and report us, so we refrained from it for...
  7. AbbyandCraig

    Cheating Fantasy? Or cheating?

    Ok. So my wife and I have been in the lifestyle for about 3 years. This past year, however, do to some life circumstances, she hasn't played that much. A couple of weeks ago, I left town on business, for a few weeks. When I returned she seemed super horny, almost insatiable. I took advantage of...
  8. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide Part 4

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god it's big baby!" I remember thinking that I had never had any girl that was this tight. I shoved my dick deeper into her and she threw her head back, arched her back, and shook like she was having spasms. As I slowly started to pump her, her screams had reached a new high...
  9. C

    Found out my girlfriend cheats on me

    I am 25 and my gf is 24. We have been together for 6 years. I've been suspecting that she's been cheating on me for a while now but did nothing about it because it turns me on and i love fantasizing about her infidelities while i masturbate. I recently decided to find out for sure. I know she is...
  10. D

    Confused feelings

    I'm perplexed with my feelings about what's happened recently. I knew my wife was interested in a co-worker of hers. She showed me a few sexy chats they've had (going so far as exchange explicit photos). Now today I find out that not only has she actually fucked him 3 times, but actually gone...
  11. Mr Deadbird

    Cuckold Personalized Comics I made hope you like them.

    Ok so I'm an Adult artist and I'm releasing a New comic based on Tania a Girl I dated in my years of college. She was this nice sweet petite latina gril with huge boobs. She was crazy about sex and about older guys. I saw mails of her talking to a forenge guy who was gonna visit the country and...
  12. Mr Deadbird

    I do personalized porn comics for cuckolds and I've heard some crazy fantasies.

    Hi I'm Mr Deadbird, and I've been drawing porn for cuckolds for over a year.... How come? I'm the owner of Your Porn Factory, basicly we make personalized porn comics. Almos 70% of the orders I get are from guys arround the world asking me to let them see their wife fucking other men. Muscular...
  13. mariaheels

    Cuckold, loser, sissy fantasy

    If anyone wants to get humiliated, I love doing that
  14. cheating hotwife fucked by stranger

    cheating hotwife fucked by stranger

    cheating hotwife fucked by stranger
  15. cheating gf

    cheating gf

    cheating gf
  16. Comdom


    Cum play
  17. C

    24 yo cheating GF

    Here is my cheating girlfriend. She likes getting fucked while I am at work. Usually leaves her pussy filled with cum. Kik Cpl4asluttygirl
  18. Cucklover1295

    Listening to girlfriend getting fucked over phone

    me a my girlfriend have been together for 3 years, right now we are currently living long distance for the time being. We are both horny constantly and she loves sex more than any girl I know. After countless times of phone sex night after night for months, and her telling me she needs to get...