1. Ryan18

    My Wife Fucked Her Sons Best Friend

    One night my wife was telling me when she was previously married, her older son’s friends were all staying at the house for his party, they were all around 23 years old. Everyone fell asleep, her husband was up in bed sleeping and everyone else was in their rooms. Her son’s friend and her were...
  2. Hubby’s demand

    Hubby’s demand

    My husband wants you to post my picture as your claimed prize on your reddit page
  3. Booti-ful wife

    Booti-ful wife

    Wife needs daddy
  4. BBW fun

    BBW fun

    Was invited down to Northampton UK by a larger couple. Loved the evening we had and can't wait to go back nice social followed by some fun
  5. R

    Looking for a cuckold coach/advice/tips

    Hi there. I'm a 23 year old dude from the UK. I'm seeking any advice/tips or even long term coaching on a situation I currently find myself in. My girlfriend is getting close with a guy she used to have a 'thing' with and I want something to happen between them again. A little context - They...
  6. M

    My gf Becca and I recently started a break and I think she’s fucking other guys every weekend!

    Every weekend; without fail, mysteriously her “phone dies” almost the entirety of the weeken or she “loses her phone” or “works insane hours every day” and I cannot get ahold of her one bit! This kinda makes me sad and quite frankly depressed…like obviously I’m into the idea of her fucking other...
  7. M

    Friend gropes wife. Caught on camera.

    My wife had an ex coworker of hers stay with us last night. He was only in town for a night, but things got a bit gropey the following morning. See pics. The thing is that about 15 years ago, she used to work with him at her engineering job. He had a bit of a rock star look about him and my...
  8. C

    Have you ever willingly fucked someone who is in a relationship?

    This is something I have always been curious about, as I have only been on the other side of things. (Someone else fucking my girlfriend) How does it feel to fuck someone who is committed and faithful to someone else? Is it empowering? Do you regret it afterwards? Have you ever reached out to...
  9. C

    Worst date ever

    I have been with my girlfriend for 8 years now and this is still a night I will never truly be able to shake off. For better, and for worse. It was pretty early into our relationship. I would say just over a year in. My girlfriend had been eyeing up this Indie bar for a while now. Not my type...
  10. C

    Am I a cuck?

    Always been curious about this, so I thought I would make this my first post. If you stay in a relationship that has dealt with infidelity in the past (and you are aware of it) does it make you an unintentional cuck? Thanks!
  11. C

    Hello there!

    Hi everyone :) I'm a 28 year old dude from the U.K and have been with my girlfriend for just over 8 years now. My cuckold kink started from my girlfriend cheating on me pretty early into our relationship. Despite it hurting a lot at the time, I eventually forgave her, and as the years went by...
  12. C

    Accidental cuckold

    Hi! I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for this, or if it technically counts as a cuckold or not? (Given that I am on this site, it probably is, lol) Me and my girlfriend are white British. She cheated on me with an Indian dude a couple of years into our relationship. I don't see...
  13. Young Milf Wife Cheating

    Young Milf Wife Cheating

  14. C

    Newbie here!

    Hi there, I'm a 25 year old guy from the U.K. I'm in a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend (also 25)
  15. Hubby films us fucking

    Hubby films us fucking

    Net this nice Derbyshire couple last week didn't know he was recording. Loved her double dipping me. Felt amazing knowing some if my seed was inside her
  16. Teaser


    Screenshot from new vid "His POV"
  17. IMG_0058.jpeg


    Preparing the stockings before get fucked
  18. Daniel_coolin22

    How to get my girlfriend to cheat on me

    My girlfriend just moved to college with me after we’ve been dating for about a year. Now that she has moved with me she has been started hanging out with other guys studying at school. I love the thought of her cheating on me with one of her study buddies, and I want to subtly encourage her to...
  19. IMG_0041.jpeg


    Wife ready for date
  20. Fucking my mates wife in there bed

    Fucking my mates wife in there bed

    Mate was working away for a few day me and his wife got it on. Didn't ask if she was in birth control just sort of caught up in the moment back in August 2023