bwc bull

  1. 9ef54ca2-3450-4f5c-afc2-2dc1e96d78d7.JPG


  2. Morning Wood

    Morning Wood

    Needs taken care of.
  3. Would you look at the time!

    Would you look at the time!

  4. GOPR5292adj2.jpg


    Ready and waiting for you
  5. A floppy morning

    A floppy morning

  6. Just a bit of thrusting.

    Just a bit of thrusting.

    Needs some pussy to thrust into.
  7. Every morning.

    Every morning.

    Morning wood, care to use it?
  8. Make it disappear?

    Make it disappear?

  9. On the stairs.

    On the stairs.

    Waiting for your wife to arrive.
  10. The morning rub.

    The morning rub.

    How quick could you get me hard?
  11. Need this taken care of.

    Need this taken care of.

  12. Pulling on it.

    Pulling on it.

    Watching all these women make me need it.
  13. The Anticipation

    The Anticipation

  14. Lets loosen up some.

    Lets loosen up some.

  15. 042815EF-D543-4EBD-B5C0-B50139E567ED.jpeg


    Wife’s big titties
  16. IMG_8991-3.jpg


    Just thinking of you and how well I'd fit inside you...
  17. Hardon Hotel

    Hardon Hotel

    When traveling for work I rarely have anyone to take care of this, that may change.
  18. Stroking it for you.

    Stroking it for you.

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    Looking for a BWC/white bull in Shanghai

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  20. Daddiesbigcock2

    Hung bull in bama, can travel

    Hung bama bull looking for some fun. Don’t mind traveling or hosting. Send me a pm.