1. Tini76

    Have you ever had this happen to you?

    So we were having a few drinks in a party. We were playing some games and wife lost. So the winner jokingly took my wife to the bedroom. An hour later they were back chatting up like nothing happened. There was another time early in our marriage. We were in a jacuzzi and the wife was just...
  2. cum swallow mature lady.mp4

    cum swallow mature lady.mp4

    through the years she learned how to deal with cocks
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    BWC Ready
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    Morning wood
  5. Tini76

    Cowboy Love

    Shy Cowboy called us. He said he felt silly and would really like a second chance. How did he do? Shady Motel. Lol
  6. Tini76

    Safford Party

    Cowboys!!! Lucky cowboy guess if I am on left or right? it was so cold. Put some jeans on and danced with a short cowboy, but he was buiilt
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    Just me

    throat slave 🥵
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  11. H

    Making her into hot wife! (Newbies to site and lifestyle)

    New to this site and lifestyle. I get turned on by her previous details of encounters before marriage and as she hadnt had many (2 including me sex and few others fooling around) So i thought i see if she has any fantasy and she said white cock. so 2 months ago she sucked her first white cock...
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  16. C

    Asian/indian women

    Hey, I am a 25 y/o athletic male who LOVES asian and south asian women. 7.5", London. Would love to meet and know more x
  17. Shhp2021

    BWC in Asia / Shanghai

    Any Asian wives want a bwc?
  18. YungMann

    Young BWC Bull Ready to Play and Dominate

    Hello everyone, I’m a young but experienced BWC Bull from Indiana. I am looking to meet “hotwifes” in cuckold couples. Reach out and get in touch. I look forward to meeting you!
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  20. N

    Young BWC Buck Looking For A Couple #NJ #NYC

    Any couples out there looking to add a buck to the mix? 29yr old college educated (Greek/Italian) straight male located in North NJ. I’m 6’2 238lbs brown hair and brown eyes. I’m clean discreet and disease/drug free, & Covid vaccinated with a thick 8” cut cock. Ideally looking to establish a...